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Process Improvement Tools

Over 150 professionally developed and supported Word and Excel templates
for Lean 5S, Standard Work, Work Instructions, FMEA, Value Stream Mapping

and more Lean Management Systems for Lean Kaizen Continuous Process Improvement


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Process improvement templates

Most customers own all 4 of these bundles of Excel templates for process improvement,
but you also have the option to get just the 1 bundle that you need to round out your toolkit.

Lean Training and Videos

Throughout this web site, you will find lots of helpful lean training and videos
to help you quickly get the most from your process improvement tools.

Tool Selection Matrix Standard Work - video
to select the right
Process Improvement template


Tool Selection Matrix

The Tool Selection Matrix is the right tool to select the right tool.

Use Excel's Filter features — to narrow down a long list of tools to quickly identify the few that you should consider for what you need to do next.

Try them for yourself

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Lean tools
for Process Improvement

Excel templates to improve and document any type of process

When you drill down from your value stream map
to related documents with greater levels of detail,
these are the lean tools you will usually drill down to...

Standard Work excel tools

Standard Work Combination Sheet
Standard Work

Cross Functional Flowchart
Cross Functional Flowchart

Work Instructions template
Work Instructions

Layout Diagram video spaghetti diagram video

See more Standard Work videos

Lean templates

Download free trials

Value Stream Mapping

Excel templates to map and manage any type of value stream

value stream mapping Excel template
Value Stream Mapping

Chinese Value Stream Map
in ANY language

value stream mapping self paced learning tool
Self-paced Learning

Value Stream Mapping value stream mapping video

See more
value stream mapping videos

Use this popular continuous improvement tool to depict and analyze process flows — in ways that make it easy to see the 7 types of waste popularized
in the book Learning To See.

You get an entire suite of value stream mapping templates, including
Product Family Matrix, Value Stream Plan, and supply chain mapping,
using Excel's familiar and powerful features to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control your value stream — not just draw it.


Download free trial Value Stream Mapping template

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Kaizen Continuous Improvement Tools

Lean Management templates
for Continuous Process Improvement

The right tools to plan, lead, and follow through with any type of initiative for continuous improvement (not just Kaizen Events)

  1. Lean management templates
    for lean leadership, visual controls, and leader standard work.
  2. A3 templates
    make A3 Problem Solving easier and more repeatable.
  3. Kaizen templates
    have everything you need to plan, implement, and follow through with a successful Kaizen Event.
  4. Project management templates
    Gantt Chart, To Do List, Decision Matrix, and many more project management tools to handle any project – large or small.
  5. Software project management tools
    for office automation, selection & implementation of ERP,
    accounting, or inventory software.
  6. Decision making tools
    to choose the right tool for making any type of decision.
  7. Strategic planning tools
    including Hoshin Planning Policy Deployment.

Download free trial A3 Report and more kaizen tools

A3 Report Word template
A3 Reporting tools

Excel Gantt Chart
Excel Gantt Chart Project Plan

Kaizen Plan template
Full suite of kaizen software

Lean Assessment Excel template
Lean management tools
(What should WE be doing
to support all this lean stuff?)

Six Sigma tools

to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control
the quality of any process in your entire value stream map

Designed to fill in the holes found in the tool kit of many a Black Belt,
these DMAIC tools are fill-in-the-blanks templates (with online training)
for all of those non-statistical quality improvement tools
that your statistical software does so poorly (if at all).

Hosted with 100% solar energy

These non-statistical tools are intended to supplement,
not replace your favorite statistics software

Watch Six Sigma videos

Download free trial lean sigma templates

Control Chart template
Six Sigma tools

Root Cause Fishbone Diagram
Root Cause Fishbone Diagram

QFD Excel template
QFD House of Quality

FMEA Excel template


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What’s New?

PDCA Coaching Template

PDCA Coaching template

The PDCA Coaching template provides a systematic approach to problem solving.

In a series of rapid PDCA Cycles, the Learner quickly conducts a scientific experiment to better understand and improve one aspect of a process, and then analyzes the results, then prepares a suggested next experiment.

At that point in the cycle, the Learner then uses the PDCA template to prepare for a quick meeting with his or her Coach to answer 10 PDCA Coaching Questions.

Strategic Targets

Then the cycle is repeated — until the process has been improved to meet the next Target Condition required of your process to meet the higher-level Strategic Challenge to propel your collective organization closer to your Lean Ideals.

The PDCA Coaching template is designed to be used whenever you encounter unknown territory.

(If you are not navigating unknown territory, then you should use your Tool Selection Matrix to find lean tools and methods for your current challenge)

Block Diagram

Block DiagramThe PDCA Coaching template was inspired by Mike Rother's book, the Toyota Kata, and so was this next new template, the Block Diagram, which provides a very simple sketch of a process.

Sometimes, especially in the very first early stages of process analysis, the traditional process mapping tools (e.g. value stream mapping, spaghetti diagrams, swim lane flowcharts, or even simple flowcharts) simply have too much detail.

If all you want is to visually depict the major process steps, their sequence, the number of operators, inventory, cycle time, and perhaps a few optional tidbits, then the Block Diagram is drop-dead simple to use.

(And we are listening to your feedback, that you want us to provide a balance of both simple tools that your people can learn and use quickly, as well as the more sophisticated tools that they will grow to appreciate as their lean savvy matures)

What else is new?

Systems2win is all about continuous improvement.

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Top Three Questions

  1. Why not let each of our team leaders invent and maintain their own 'simple' tools?

    Which is simpler? To give each leader
    the 'freedom' (burden?) to find or invent
    their own tools...
    or to empower your people with professional tools that share a consistent user interface (Excel), consistent support, and consistent online training?

  2. Can we mix and match these tools
    with some of our favorites?
    • You can easily personalize
      any Word or Excel template
    • You can easily remove tools
      you don't want to distribute to your users
    • You can easily integrate
      your Systems2win templates into your existing library of templates
  3. How long will it take to get up
    and running?

    Each user should complete the
    Quick Start Training, which takes anywhere between half an hour and half a day —
    depending on how well the user
    already knows Microsoft Excel
    and foundational tools and methods
    for continuous process improvement.



Why Re-invent?

Why reinvent

Top Ten Reasons
to use Systems2win
for Process Improvement

  1. Save time and money.

    How much are you paying your lean leaders and consultants to try to re-invent tools
    that aren't nearly as useful as these?

  2. Consistent design for fast learning.

    Unlike the wildly differing Excel templates
    that you accumulate from random sources,
    when you learn one Systems2win tool,
    you know how to use them all.

  3. Standardization.

    Standardized, consistent, professional tools.

  4. Easy to personalize.

    It's Excel. You can use everything you know about familiar Excel to make your templates your own.

  5. Your personalizations get upgraded.

    Every time you upgrade, our special utility automatically finds and transfers YOUR personalizations to your new templates!

  6. Valuable training and support.

    Lean training, Excel training, pop-up help,
    videos, self-paced learning, live instructor-led webinars, live technical support...
    Professional help and training so you can
    stay focused to improve your processes,
    not re-invent or troubleshoot templates.

  7. Math.

    Visio can't do math. Excel can.
    We have already done most math for
    you — so you simply plug in numbers
    to quickly answer common lean questions.

  8. International.

    Click a button to switch between Chinese, Spanish, French, or Portuguese languages. Try running your home-grown template in Germany or Vietnam. Then try ours.

  9. Lean Systems.

    Not just templates,not just training, but also Lean Systems to make your Systems2win templates so much more valuable.

  10. Affordable.

    So you might start with a few seats, then grow into an enterprise license to empower every team member with consistent, standardized, professional tools for kaizen lean six sigma process improvement.


Excel templates and more process improvement tools

to save time, do it right, and do it consistently

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