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How to Start Your Lean Journey

What's a Lean Journey?

yellow brick road

Road map for a typical
Lean Transformation

The following training assumes that you have already previewed the training for

a typical lean journey for lean transformation

If you haven't already read that yet,

then we suggest that you review it now before you continue.

Lean Journey Success Paths

Where to begin your lean journey depends on:

  1. Your Continuous Improvement skill level
  2. The Continuous Improvement skill level of your boss
Lean Assessment template

Lean Skills Assessment

One way to assess Continuous Improvement skill levels
is to download the free trial of the Lean Assessment template.

If your boss's CI skill level is higher than yours

Do whatever your Coach guides you to do.

He or she will appreciate it when you also do independent learning,

and maybe bring some new ideas, tools, and methods
to creatively apply never-changing lean principles to the ever-changing unique challenges
that you and your Coach overcome together.

You and your Coach can be like a roller derby team —

whipsawing each other to be faster and stronger than you could ever be alone.

If your CI skill level is greater than that of your boss

Then there is one path to follow that can lead to 3 possible outcomes.

One path to follow

Three possible outcomes

  1. Your boss grows to appreciate what you are doing

    and how much more successful you are than your peers. Your boss becomes an avid Lean Learner, and starts encouraging his or her own boss to start managing him or her in the same way. The two of you enjoy a rewarding and successful career journey together.

  2. Your boss's boss notices your consistently superior performance

    and you get promoted.

  3. Your boss is actively resistant

    to your efforts to improve processes and apply systematic problem solving methods.
    You use the tools and skills you have been learning
    to land a better job with a more supportive boss.

If neither you or your boss have much experience

Option 1) Hire a consultant

Convince your boss (and maybe your boss's boss) to hire a consultant.

Option 2) Start using a few simple tools & methods

and then study, study, study, and practice, practice, practice

and in a few short months, your skill level will no longer be that of a novice.

If you are the top level executive

Choose your consultant

The place for you to start is to choose your consultant:

If you are already an accomplished experienced lean guru,
then you already know that (no matter how good you are)
every sensei needs a sensei, and you already have one.

If you don't, then you need to hire one.

If you suspect that you might be outgrowing your current advisor,
then it might be time to start your search for a better one —
to lead you through the next phase of your lean journey.

Unless your business happens to be located in Mount Juliet, Tennessee,
we don't offer on-site consulting from Systems2win, but we can give you some tips for what to look for.

Feel free to contact the owner of Systems2win — Dean Ziegler — as one source of advice.

Hopefully you will seek several sources of advice —
because there are huge differences between consultants,
and this decision will make a huge difference in the success of your career.

Start your Lean Journey

And then your next step is to start your Lean Journey.

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Lean Management System

How to Get Started the Right Way

An excellent approach to starting your Lean Management System
is to establish an Advance Group

as instructed in Mike Rother's book, Toyota Kata,
Chapter 9: Developing Improvement Kata Behavior in Your Organization.

And his website expands the instruction even further

in the discussions about Scouts, Slices, and the Rotation Model
in the chapter titled Roles and Structure for Daily Practice
in the Toyota Kata Handbook

which you can download for free

This requires enthusiastic commitment of top-level executives.

If you don't have that, then you will need to use one of the other
Lean Journey Success Paths prescribed above.

Also see more suggested readings for Lean Management