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How it works

When you sign up for the Systems2win Affiliate Program,
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which will look like this — with the last numbers being your own unique ID number.


Your affiliate link can be used in a banner ad in your website, or as a text link.
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Simply copy and paste your affiliate link into your website or other correspondence.

Also see the full Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program.


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Google Style Ads

You can use your affiliate link (above) to easily create your own banner ads that look similar to or just like a Google ad (but pay better).


150+ Word and Excel templates
for lean six sigma, kaizen process improvement.
Excel templates for continuous improvement

You can write your own ad content to fit your target audience and/or format similar to surrounding ads.

The link can go to our home page or any product landing page.

Text Links

You can sprinkle text links anywhere in your website or any email.
When someone makes a purchase after clicking your link, you get instantly notified that you have earned a commission.

Here is what a text link might look like...

Check out the value stream mapping template from Systems2win.

And here is what the HTML looks like...

<p>Check out the value stream mapping template from
<a href="http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=484869" target="_blank">Systems2win</a>.</p>

(the last digits will be your unique Affiliate ID)

Banner Ads

How to copy banner ads to your site

Simply copy and paste the provided code to your website
from our Affiliate Support Site > Links & Tools > Banners


  • Don't just copy the code from this page. You need to sign up for the Affiliate Program and then log into our Affiliate web section to copy the code that gets generated for your own Affiliate ID.
  • The <br> line break is optional. You can safely delete it if it doesn't fit with your page formatting.
  • If your website or application is written using XML (rather than HTML)...

then simply add the self-closing slash to the img and br tags.

Example: <br /> instead of <br>

Systems2win offers banner ads that look very similar to other popular banner ads — so that all of the banner ads on your site can have a consistent size, look, and feel.

The 120 x 240 pixel banner ads have been designed to look very similar to the banner ads for Amazon.com, as you can see...

  Value Stream Mapping Excel templates link Project Management templates link A3 Report link House of Quality QFD template link Flow Chart - flowcharts link Excel templates for Continuous Process Improvement link Lean toolslink Standard Worklink Work Instructions - Job Instructions link FMEA link Policy Deployment - Hoshin Planning link Kaizen templates link Excel templates for Six Sigma link


or if a horizontal banner ad fits your page better...

Excel templates for Lean Process Improvement

Personalized marketing materials

In addition to the many pre-defined marketing materials that you simply download from our Affiliate Support Site, you can also contact us to request a quote to develop banner ads, text links, or newsletter articles — personalized to fit your unique marketing campaigns.

Newsletter or Blog Articles

If your company has a popular blog and/or large mailing list targeting an audience of continuous improvement leaders, then contact us to propose a possible newsletter article exchange.

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See Your Ad on the Systems2win Site

If you want people to see your ad on the Systems2win site, then there are several ways to make that happen:

Option 1) Free Cross Link to our Resources Directory

Any site that is in some way related to continuous process improvement
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can receive a free cross link from one of our Resources Directory pages — in exchange for a link from one of your web pages.


Step 1) Publish a link to our site on one of your pages that has a Google Page Rank index of at least PR1.

For suggested link content, see Google Style Ad above.

Step 2) Send us an email with the link to the page where you published your link to our site, and your suggested text.

We will review your site for relevance, popularity, and link practices, then either publish your crosslink, or let you know why we are declining your offer.

Option 2) Publish your ad on one of our more popular pages

To publish your ad on one of our more popular pages,
contact us with your proposal, which should specify:

  1. Which page(s) where you want your ad
  2. Suggested content and link (or banner) for your ad
  3. Which page(s) where you will publish our ad
  4. Suggested content (or banner) for our ad
  5. Any creative proposals (e.g. monetary compensation, blog article, newsletter article...)

We will review your site for relevance, popularity, and link practices,
and will review your proposal for balanced fairness of exchange.

Then on a periodic basis, we will compare incoming click-through results, and perhaps adjust as needed.

Consulting firms
and Educational Institutions

Benefits for consulting firms and educators to own and use Systems2win templates.



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