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to help you get the most from your Systems2win templates for

Continuous Process Improvement

Introduction to Systems2win

Initial training

When you learn to use your first Systems2win template,

you know how to use ANY of your 150+ templates




Video help





Video: Introduction to
Systems2win templates


Video: How to Find Help & Training for any Systems2win template


Video: Tool Selection Matrix
to choose the right
Process Improvement Tool


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Lean Leadership

Training & Videos

for tools & systems to lead ANY type of process improvement team








Video: Decision Making Tools


Video: Gantt Chart


Video: Skills & Training Matrix






two bikers

Not just templates.
Not just training.

But also systems
that you won't outgrow





yellow brick road

Road map for a typical
Lean Transformation


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Value Stream Mapping

Training & Videos

to answer the question:

"Where should we focus our improvement attention?"








Video: Value Stream Mapping
Introduction to Training


See more
value stream mapping videos

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Lean Training

& Videos

Lean tools & methods to improve ANY type of process

The more you understand the foundations of process improvement

the more you will appreciate your professional tools








Video: Selecting the right
Standard Work tools


Video: Work Instructions


Video: 5S and
Lean Assessment templates


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Six Sigma Training

& Videos

to improve the quality of ANY type of process








Video: DMAIC Six Sigma tools


Video: Introduction to
Lean Kaizen DMAIC Six Sigma


Video: FMEA



See more Six Sigma videos



Trial templates come with free tech support during the trial period.

Licensed templates come with 1 year free tech support,
and whenever you upgrade you get another year of tech support.


Welcome to Systems2win

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Advanced Training

to personalize your master templates

Personalize for your industry














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Improve ANY process
in ANY industry
















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