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Video: How to switch between languages

Language Translations

for global continuous improvement teams

1) How to change the language

for training web pages (like this one)

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It slows down our web pages too much to provide the Google Translate widget on every Systems2win training page, but we provide it on this page — so you can see how it works.

If you like it —

then follow the instructions below to use Google Translate with all the other Systems2win training pages.


Google Translate

Also watch the Translations video

How to use Google Translate

See animated image >>>

In the address bar at the top of your browser...

copy the URL for the web page
that you want to translate

In a new browser window, go to Google Translate


In the left side...

paste the URL for the web page
that you want to translate

(or just type "systems2win.com"
to start with the Systems2win home page)

In the right side...

select your desired language,
then click the button to 'Translate'

To turn it off

To switch back to English, it is best to close the entire Google Translate toolbar.

so that you are viewing the original web page, rather than Google's (non-secure) translation.

Google keeps changing and hiding the ability to close their Translate toolbar,
so the surest way is to simply re-open the original web page
(which is why we suggest to use Google Translate in a new browser window)

Translate a document

2) How to translate Word documents

Same as above,
but rather than pasting the URL for a web page,

click the link to 'Translate a document',
then use the button to 'Browse'
to select your Word document to translate

then select your desired language,
and click the button to 'Translate'

3) How to translate Videos

On any video page...

The (large) video at the top of the page has English-only captions.

Video language translations

Also watch the Translations video

To view translated captions:

  1. Scroll down to find the (small) YouTube video.
  2. Click the 'start' arrow to start playing the video
  3. Click the square box icon in the bottom right of the window — to maximize the video to full screen
  4. Click the 'CC' icon at the bottom of the video frame to activate Closed Captions
  5. Click the 'Settings' icon (round gear-like image)
  6. Select the dropdown menu beside 'Subtitles/CC'
  7. Select 'Auto-Translate' (or Translate Captions')
  8. In the new window, scroll to select your desired language
  9. Click 'OK'

4) How to change the language for a Systems2win Excel template

If your company has purchased language translations...

then in the Systems2win menu, click 'Translations and Substitutions' >
'Select Translations and Substitute Phrases for THIS Template'

Systems2win menu > Translations and Substitutions

And then select from the dropdown list of available languages.

Instantly, every sheet in the workbook now displays your chosen translation.

Tip: When you download your free trial templates,

you can switch between English and Spanish,
to see for yourself how this feature works.


5) How to change the language of the Systems2win Menu

and program dialogs, error messages, etc.

In the Systems2win menu in the Excel Ribbon bar, select Translations & Substitutions >
Select Language for the Systems2win Menu & Dialogs

Systems2win menu > Select Language


Even if you have not purchased a language translation

you can still change the language of your Systems2win menu

If you need to change a large number of users

then see our instructions for how to get it done faster

If you are using an older version, and get an error saying you don't have sufficient permissions...

then see advanced training

Learn more about language translations

Help us improve translations

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