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Portal Setup Instructions

for an (older) Upgrade

Systems2win Portal

Please remind me —
what is the S2winPortal?

These instructions are for version 11 or lower

If your upgrade installation file is version 12 or higher...

Then follow the current upgrade instructions instead.

If your upgrade installation file is version 11 or lower...

Then these instructions are for you.

These instructions are for any Portal Setup Choice
that involves installing your portal on a server.

If your installation file ends in “_S”, then these instructions are not for you.

These installation instructions are usually performed by your IT Manager,
working closely with your Systems2win Primary Contact.

See Systems2win Leadership Roles

1) Save a copy and a backup of your new master installation files.

Archive or destroy ALL copies of earlier version exe files —
so that you don't accidentally install an old version in the future

If your IT Dept loses your master exe files,
there is a $25 replacement cost within the first year, and after 1 year you would need to upgrade.

2) Double-click to install the S2winPortal exe to any temporary folder.

Do NOT overwrite your original S2winPortal (yet)

3) Follow the User Installation Instructions to install your Systems2winInstall exe

for (only) your Continuous Improvement Leaders

Quick Start Leader Checklist

4) Use the Multi-User Setup Checklist

Your Systems2win Leaders complete this checklist together
to ensure that everything gets off to a good start

5) Move your S2winPortal to its permanent location

When (and only when) you are certain
that everything in your Multi-User Setup Checklist has been taken care of...

then (and only then) overwrite your existing Systems2win Portal

IMPORTANT: It is very important to quickly update every user's computer,
because some of your new templates won't work with the old Add-in.

Backward compatibility is supported,
so users can continue to use working documents based on older version templates,

but if a user with the old add-in tries to open a new template — it won't work.

How to overwrite your existing Systems2win Portal

  • Delete all files and sub-folders from your old S2winPortal folder
    (in the location specified in your Systems2winReadMe.doc)

    Do NOT just copy over top of the old folder without first deleting the old files & sub-folders.

    That would overwrite files & folders of the same name,
    but would leave remnant files & folders that might mess up your new portal.

  • Copy all files and sub-folders from your temporary S2winPortal —
    and paste them in your (now empty) old S2winPortal folder.

    Be sure to copy only the CONTENTS of the S2winPortal folder.

    Don't copy the entire temporary S2winPortal folder into the old S2winPortal folder —

    thereby (incorrectly) ending up with a folder path that ends with \S2winPortal\S2winPortal\

  • Have your IT Dept ensure that your S2winPortal folder is still Read Only for most users.

    (so that users can't accidentally overwrite your master templates)

If you have multiple copies of your portal — repeat.

It is generally a bad idea to have copies of your portal on multiple servers,
but might be justified for a company with widely dispersed licensed sites.

6) Follow the instructions to install the Systems2win Add-in on each User's Computer

If you didn't keep a log of Systems2win users

that have the Systems2win application installed...

you will now appreciate why it's a good idea.

(so start your list now... to make next year's upgrade easier)

Another way to identify computers that need an upgrade
is to search their \Program Files (x86) folder looking for a sub-folder named zSystems2win.


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