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Training Plan Template

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The TrainingSession.xls Excel template has 2 sections:

  1. Training Agenda template
  2. Training Checklist template

Training Agenda Template

With the click of the Hide/Show Rows button...
instantly hide or show your rows of Instructor Notes,
thereby keeping everything organized in a single template

(and avoid all the problems that come from
trying to keep 2 different documents in sync as things change)

Training Session Agenda Excel template

Training Plan Template Excel

Outside of the Print Area...
you can use the optional columns to:

To define the Start Time for an Activity to start as soon as another Activity ends...
simply type the equals sign (=) in a Start Time cell —
and then click the cell for the End Time for the preceding Activity, and hit the Enter key.

Tip: Try spending a half hour to try to write your own formula to calculate End Time...
and then you will better appreciate the value you get from your professionally developed Systems2win templates.

You were able to do in a half an hour? Great. Now send it to your team mate in another country, and see how well your formula works in international versions of Excel.

Systems2win menu > Print Areas

To print your Training Agenda template...

first click the Hide/Show Rows button to hide your Instructor Notes,

and then select Systems2win menu > Print Area 1

(Perhaps using Change Printer to print in PDF format)

Bookmark = plan

Training Checklist Template

Anyone that has ever planned a training session knows that there's more to it than just scribbling down an Agenda and some Instructor Notes.

Or at least there SHOULD be more to it —
if you don't want your attendees yawning and plotting ways to avoid ever attending another of YOUR uninspired trainings...

Use this Excel template to systematically ensure that every one of your training sessions
are well-planned, creative, and inspiring.

On the same worksheet — just below the Training Session Agenda, you will find the Training Session Planning Checklist.

Training Plan Template Excel

Training Session Planning Checklist Excel template

Just like so many other (familiar) Systems2win templates...

To print your Training Checklist template...

use the special Systems2win Print button to print Print Area 2

Why Reinvent?

Why Reinvent?

when you could be using professionally developed templates —
easily personalized for your unique needs —
right now — with no need to start with a blank page and a blinking cursor

Bookmark = program

Training Program template

Training Program Design Spec

TrainingSpec.doc is a Word template
that comes with other Training Program templates,
and is found in the tKZdontSync folder of your Systems2win portal.

It provides a good starting point for organizing your thoughts
when developing a training program that consists of more than one training session.

Add and delete sections as needed

For additional help — (including help for how to insert hyperlink icons) —

see Tips for using Systems2win Word documents.

Bookmark = Reading

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