Lean Management Systems


What is Continuous Improvement?

aka Continual Improvement, CI, or a Continuous Improvement Process

Definition of Continuous Improvement

an umbrella term that can be applied to any management system that seeks to improve
the quality, efficiency, speed and flexibility of any type of process, product, or service.

Continuous Improvement Methodologies

include lean transformation, lean management systems, DMAIC Six Sigma, Hoshin Planning, Kaizen Events, A3 Problem Solving, Kata Coaching, and many diverse problem solving methods.

Continuous Improvement Tools

Process Improvement tools for Lean Leadership and Continuous Process Improvement

When you own the Lean Leadership templates,
you own ALL of these Continuous Improvement templates — for one low price
to empower ANY type of project team to do any type of process improvement

Continuous Improvement Templates

Word and Excel templates to empower any type of project team to improve any type of process

Lean Transformation

The Roadmap for a Typical Lean Journey

is focused on Lean Flow.

There are, however, many routes to the top of any mountain

and you can use your Systems2win templates to follow ANY path
that leads to continuous improvement

yellow brick road

Lean Management Systems

Your Systems2win templates include Word and Excel templates with online training and videos

for Lean Management Systems, Leader Standard Work,
Lean Assessment
, and Visual Management.

Lean Assessment template

Kaizen Events

A Kaizen Event or Kaizen Blitz is a popular way to rapidly improve a process.

Your Systems2win templates include about a dozen Kaizen tools to help plan and manage kaizen events.

Kaizen tools

A3 Problem Solving

The A3 Report is a flexible and time-efficient approach to problem solving

and an effective way to gain the consensus that will be needed to actually implement changes that stick.

A3 Report

Kata Coaching

Kata Coaching is becoming a popular way

to coach your leaders to coach their people
to systematically apply the PDCA problem solving method

PDCA Coaching template

Project Management templates

Some projects are big enough to justify a Gantt Chart.

Other projects small enough to "Just Do It"
will benefit from simple project management tools
like the To Do List, Meeting Agenda, and Decision Matrix.

Gantt Chart template

Strategic Planning

Your Systems2win strategic planning templates

include the Hoshin Kanri Policy Deployment X Matrix template, bowling chart, and Balanced Scorecard.

and most Systems2win customers also own
the Value Stream Mapping templates

Policy Deployment Matrix

Decision Making

When there are differences of opinion

your Systems2win decision-making tools provide several diverse ways to systematically analyze options and build consensus.

Values List Excel template

Training tools

Once decions have been made, people need to be trained

Use your Systems2win templates to prepare a single training session plan, or a multi-session training program.

Training Matrix Excel template

Tool Matrix

Tool Selection Matrix

Why guess?

When you can use your Tool Selection Matrix
to select the right Continuous Process Improvement Tool
for whatever you need to do next

Download your free trial Tool Selection Matrix


Standard Forms = Visual Language

After learning how to read a standard form once,
a person can easily apply the new skill.

The meaning of complex data is discerned in a glance.

It is a language more quickly absorbed
and more accurately conveyed.

When a whole organization shares this language,
the impact is profound.

~ Mark Hamel — Author of the Kaizen Event Fieldbook
and user of Systems2win templates

Your Systems2win templates
include ALL of the following
continuous improvement tools:

the Kaizen Event tools
AND the Lean Training tools
AND the Lean Management tools
AND the Project Management tools
AND the Strategic Planning tools


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to improve what they do



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