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What is Leader Standard Work?

One of the 3 essential components of a lean management system,
a leader standard work template is a daily checklist for a lean leader.


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Leader Standard Work Template

Systems2win provides 2 templates for Leader Standard Work.
One written using Microsoft Word, and the other using Microsoft Excel.

Leader Standard Work template

The Leader Standard Work Excel template is more popular, because it does more for you.

Every leader personalizes their own template
for their own unique responsibilities —
usually starting with the LSW.xls template —
and benefiting from Systems2win's helpful on-line training
and training videos for how to personalize your templates.

Each leader will personalize 3 worksheets —
for their Daily, Weekly, and Monthly responsibilities.

The suggested naming convention
for each leader's unique template is LSW_YourName.xls,
and we suggest to store your personalized template in the same folder where the working documents and archives will be stored
(to avoid broken links to related documents).

At the beginning of each new reporting cycle (usually monthly), click the Generate a Working Document button —
which creates a new working document that has
many useful features:

  1. Can be used with ANY version of Excel

    including pads, Macintosh, 64-bit, and as soon as phones support Excel, it will work on phones

  2. Correct number of sheets for the number of days, weeks, and months in YOUR reporting cycle.
  3. Each leader's standard work can be in their chosen language.

    so people can use consistent standardized templates and systems throughout your entire global operation

  4. Easy red/yellow visual controls are pre-programmed.

    Sophisticated conditional formatting has already been pre-programmed — so that all each leader needs to do is specify the percent tolerances that will turn cell background colors yellow or red for intuitive visual management.

  5. It has the consistent user interface, pop-up help, on-line training, and technical support

    that are familiar to every one of the other 150+ Systems2win templates for process improvement.

More than just a template

Systems2win provides systems for the leaders within a large organization to:

  1. Personalize their own standard work — with all the power, flexibility, and familiarity of Microsoft Excel
  2. Do it in a way that is standardized, repeatable, and teachable — across a large enterprise that might span the globe

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Video Help

Video: Leader Standard Work

Want to see it in action?

The Leader Standard Work template
does not come with the free trial templates,
so the best ways to see it in action are to:

  1. Watch this training video
  2. Attend a free live webinar
  3. Try the full working version with a money-back guarantee

Also see video for how to personalize any Systems2win template


The Leader Standard Work template comes with
many more templates for Lean Leadership

including lean management templates, kaizen tools, project management tools, strategic planning tools, and A3 Problem Solving tools —
all for one low price


How Leader Standard Work is used

Leader Standard Work checklists should be followed for a large percentage of lean management tasks:

Leader Standard Work template

Leader standard work should be consciously designed to allow discretionary time to do non-repetitive things like respond to problems, train people, and work on improvement tasks.

The Systems2win Leader Standard Work template is designed to serve as a starting point for lean leaders to personalize and "make their own". Rather than starting out with a blank sheet of paper, it provides an excellent starting point for daily and weekly standard work tasks common to other industry leaders with similar lean leadership responsibilities


Can I make my own lean checklist?

Not only yes, but absolutely yes.

The plain vanilla Systems2win Leader Standard Work templates should never be used without modification. Each lean leader is expected to develop their own personal leader standard work checklist for their own personal responsibilities for process improvement and lean leadership.

Can my checklist be in a completely different format?

Absolutely. If you don't want to carry around a clipboard, you might shrink yours down to the size of a printed card, or a size that fits perfectly in your personal planner.

If you prefer to use a pad device for your leader standard work, it is common to print a daily summary sheet — that can serve as a highly visible signal of work completion in the visual accountability board, and can be easily accessed by others.

Unlike production standard work documents,
(which are often revision-controlled documents meant to be read, not edited),
leader standard work templates are designed to be working documents.

These highly personalized daily checklists are designed to be carried around and used as a checklist to remind each lean leader of their daily and weekly responsibilities.

More than a checklist, a Leader Standard Work form is where a leader can document daily notes, observations, requests for action or follow-up, and action items to later transfer to the team's Accountability Task List bulletin board.

At the end of each reporting cycle (usually daily, and no more than weekly), each leader submits their completed Leader Standard Work form to the manager to whom they directly report, who will quickly review it, and perhaps discuss some things in the sensei-apprentice fashion that forms the foundation for the development of upcoming lean leadership.

In keeping with the principles of lean visual management systems, the act of delivering daily leader standard work might consist of slipping it into a clear plastic hanging folder on a visual display bulletin board — thereby signaling completion of that day's leader standard work, and storing it in a central, public place where it can be easily found and reviewed by others.

If the supervisor is not in the same physical location, then an electronic version might be emailed to the supervisor.

As part of their regular gemba walk (usually weekly), the lean leader and next-level manager will briefly review the entire week's results, looking for patterns that could reveal systemic sources of interruption that might prompt action items to be added to the Accountability Task Boards at the appropriate team, department, or value stream level.

The week's checklists are then archived — to remain available for possible later review looking for longer term trends.

Standard work is layered

from the bottom up

Multiple Layers

Reinforcing Focus on a Process

Top layer = Leader Standard Work,
which includes next-level management review
of lower manager's standard work

Accountability Task Board — systematically ensures accountability for completing assignments

Multi-tier daily stand-up meetings —
where misses are routinely assessed, ideas are routinely solicited, and action items assigned

Visual Controls — show expected to actual results, with clear reasons for every miss, and red/green coding that a newcomer can understand 10 feet away

Standard Work for the production process — everyone does it the same way every time

Bottom layer = Production Process

Leader standard work is intentionally designed to focus multiple layers of attention on the same process.

For example...

The Team Leader's Standard Work

might prescribe the Team Leader to add a new line of data entry into the Production Tracking Log visual management system every Pitch Cycle (for example, every 30 minutes), and (importantly) adding clear and complete notes to explain the reasons for any misses.

The Department Supervisor's Standard Work

might then prescribe the Department Supervisor to spot check and add her initials to that Production Tracking Log every 2 hours. And the supervisor's standard work prescribes leading a brief daily stand-up meeting with her team leaders, where part of the regular agenda is to review any of yesterday's misses, and ensure that appropriate action has been taken or initiated.

The Value Stream Manager's Standard Work

might then prescribe the Value Stream Manager to spot check and add her initials to that same visual management system Production Tracking Log once a day, and lead a brief daily stand-up meeting with her Supervisors, where part of the regular agenda is to review those same yesterday's misses,
and ensure that appropriate action has been taken or initiated at the appropriate level
(team, department, or value stream/supporting roles).

The top-level manager or executive's standard work

might then prescribe the senior leader to spot check that same visual management Production Tracking Log whenever she visits that work area, and to lead a brief regularly-scheduled meeting with her Value Stream Managers and Supervisors, where part of the regular agenda is to discuss the biggest problems or opportunities that have emerged from all of this focused attention on the all-important production process.

In this way, standard work is layered to ensure multi-layered focus on the processes that produce the results

which is the most challenging aspect of the transition
from a traditional results-only culture to a lean results-and-process-focused culture.


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