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Machine Balancing

Excel Machine Balance Chart template for Machine Load Balancing

Use this Excel template to ensure that the Machine Cycle Time for any machine
does not exceed your Target % of Takt Time for the process.

You will also find your Machine Load Balancing template extremely helpful to answer "what if" questions, like...

What if we were able to reduce Time per Changeover by 30 seconds?

What if we reduced our batch size?What if we substituted an alternate machine with a different machine time?

Machine Balance Chart template

Sample Machine Balance Chart example

Machine Balance Chart Template

For the purpose of machine balancing, the term "machine" means...

Any type equipment that runs automatically without operator intervention
after the operator has perhaps loaded or started it.

Any equipment that requires an operator to run it is NOT included within machine balancing,
because it is the operator, not the machine, that will be the focus of attention for lean process analysis
for those types of operator-run machines.

How to use your Machine Balancing template

Like all Systems2win templates,

on the Help worksheet,
you will find concise Instructions for how to use the template.

And you can use all of the standard features
that are so familiar to all 150+ Systems2win templates.

Features like:

Custom Formulas

This is one of those lean tools where you might want to add some of your own custom formulas,
and will therefore appreciate the well-conceived Custom Formula Safe Zone
that is common to every Systems2win Excel template.

If you do add your own custom formulas, then you will also appreciate the several different ways that Systems2win provides to easily highlight cells containing formulas(so that you don't accidentally overwrite your own formulas because you didn't notice that the cell contained a formula rather than static data)


This Machine Balancing template
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