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Preventive Maintenance Checklist

aka Preventative Maintenance Checklist, Preventive Maintenance Schedule template, form, or plan

Use the Preventative Maintenance Checklist (TPM Checklist) for tasks that have a monthly cycle or greater.

Use the 5S Sustainment Checklist for daily and weekly tasks.
(The 5S Sustainment Checklist comes with the Lean Tools bundle)


Preventive Maintenance Checklist Excel template for TPM

Preventive Maintenance program template - TPM software

Preventive Maintenance Schedule Template

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Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Importance for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

The two cornerstones of a typical Preventative Maintenance program will usually consist of:

  1. A Preventive Maintenance schedule checklist for each work area
  2. A system for measuring OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    to improve Availability, Performance, and Quality generated from each piece or cluster of equipment

These two popular TPM tools are used more than all of the other less popular TPM tools put together.

Preventive Maintenance template for 5S

The other popular use of a maintenance checklist is to have the workers themselves use it to maintain their own workspace on a routine schedule.

Notice the section for Leader Reviews on both the Preventive Maintenance Checklist template and the 5S Sustainment Checklist template. That is where your leaders periodically sign their initials on the printed form that is posted near the workspace — as a form of Visual Management — to let everyone know publicly that this is important, and that leaders really are keeping a close eye to make sure that it gets done, and done right.

Like every Systems2win template, you can easily personalize the form for your own leadership tiers and titles;
but notice that even the senior level VP or Director will occasionally put his or her initials on the form — whenever
he or she happens to be passing through the area.



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