Templates for Continuous Process Improvement

Why re-invent?

Why re-invent?

Problem Solving Tools

Problem solving worksheets for problem solving methods

Use the Decision Logic Flowchart (below)
to choose which problem-solving method to use.

You can click any of the images of the continuous improvement templates
to learn more about the problem solving tools that are used for each method.

Click here for the printable PDF version of this Decision Logic Flowchart


Continuous Improvement Problem Solving Decision Logic Flowchart Hoshin Policy Deployment Value Stream Mapping Lean Management System Kaizen Event 8D Problem Solving Project Management Tools A3 Report

More Problem Solving Worksheets

PDCA template

In the above Problem Solving Methods Decision Logic Chart —
the A3 report, kaizen software, 8D Report, and project management tools

are now also supplemented with the new PDCA template



as well as the following problem solving tools:

These problem solving worksheets can be used as needed when employing any of the problem solving methods.

Root Cause Fishbone Diagram Relations Diagram

And it could be argued that every one of the process improvement tools is a problem solving tool in its own way,
because every lean sigma tool is designed to apply the PDCA scientific method
to different types of common challenges encountered in diverse continuous improvement journeys.

When you have come far enough with analyzing your problem —
at some point you will soon be ready to choose a decision making tool - and be done with it.

Tool Matrix


Tool Selection Matrix

Use the Tool Matrix to select the right tools for Continuous Process Improvement.



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