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Lean Problem Solving Techniques

A3 Problem Solving Steps

Many teams use the A3 Standard Operating Procedure template (A3SOP.docx)

without any changes. Others use it as a very helpful starting point to personalize the problem solving steps that might be somewhat unique to your organization.

The A3 Approvals template (A3Approvals.xlsx)

provides an easy-to-use at-a-glance visual system
to quickly empower people that come up with great ideas
(no matter where they fit in your organization chart).

Download free A3 Report template

Kaizen Events for Problem Solving

If you have the luxury of being able to sequester 5-10 people for 1-5 days

to devote 100% of their attention to solve one clearly-defined problem,
then a Kaizen Event can produce head-turning results.

When you download your dozen free trial templates

you also get a dozen additional free templates that have no time expiration, including most of the templates that you need to thoroughly prepare to lead a kaizen event, and to follow it up to ensure that each team actually accomplishes their chartered mission.

Kata Coaching for PDCA Problem Solving

The PDCA/PDSA scientific method lies at the heart
of every lean tool, every lean method, and every lean principle.

Define the Problem
Do an experiment
Check/Study the results of your experiment
Act on your findings to start a new experiment
or standardize the new (better) way

Kata coaching is a popular new way to systematize the way that you coach every middle manager to coach every team leader to approach every problem using the PDCA scientific method.

Six Sigma Tools to Solve Quality Problems

Your Systems2win templates have an entire suite of Six Sigma Tools

to help you identify root causes and possible countermeasures
for a wide variety of 'things that can go wrong'
that can affect the quality of your deliverable products and services.

Download free trial six sigma tools

FMEA, SIPOC, Pareto Chart, Fishbone Diagram

8D Problem Solving Approach

Have a vexing quality problem that might (or might not) involve a supplier?

Use the 8D Problem Solving Approach

Problem Solving using Project Management

If you are a leader or manager, then you will inevitably find yourself leading a wide variety of teams.

Value Stream teams, Lean teams, Six Sigma teams, Quality Circles, Hoshin Strategic Deployment teams, Kaizen teams, your Executive Steering Committee team, and yes, even some traditional project management teams.

Your Systems2win templates come with templates and training for how to launch any types of team for continuous process improvement, and how to follow up to ensure that each team actually accomplished their charted mission.

Download free templates for lean team leadership

Issues & Ideas

Only unresolved issues & ideas should be recorded within your 'Issues & Ideas' template. (Issues.xlsx)

Copy non-urgent potential future issues to your 'Potential Future' workbook (PotentialFuture.xlsx)

so that they don't clutter up your current Issues List,

Issues & Ideas template

but you don't forget about these potential future issues
once the more urgent issues have been resolved.

As soon as an issue or idea is resolved

it should be removed from your Issues Worksheet list,
and your decision(s) should be documented in some form of Standard Work.

Problem Solving using Lean Management Systems

If you've always solved problems using the same tired problem solving methods,


Every lean tool needs
a corresponding
Lean Coaching System

then you might be stuck in a pattern of always coming back to a few same tired suggestions for solutions.

At the core of every Lean Management System

are a few field-proven approaches for problem solving.


Problem solving techniques that have worked for others in situations that might be very similar to yours.

Why not learn about some Lean Management Systems
that might bring some fresh ideas and energy to the teams that you lead?

Tool Matrix

Tool Selection Matrix

Use your Tool Selection Matrix to select the right Process Improvement Tool
for each unique type of problem that you encounter on your lean journey.

Download free Tool Selection Matrix

Which Problem Solving Approach?

Use the Decision Logic Flowchart (below)
to choose which problem-solving method to use.

You can click any of the images of the continuous improvement templates
to learn more about the problem solving tools that are used for each method.

Click here for the printable PDF version of this Decision Logic Flowchart


Continuous Improvement Problem Solving Decision Logic Flowchart Hoshin Policy Deployment Value Stream Mapping Lean Management System Kaizen Event 8D Problem Solving Project Management Tools A3 Report

Root Cause Analysis

Before you start "solving" a problem...

the first step should almost always be

to identify the root causes

And yes, your Systems2win templates also come with an entire suite of templates

to apply systematic (teachable, repeatable) systems for root cause analysis.

These problem solving worksheets can be used as needed when employing any of the problem solving techniques.

Root Cause Fishbone Diagram Relations Diagram

Decision Making Tools

At some point, problem analysis needs to culminate

with some (hopefully well-considered) decisions.

And yes, your Systems2win templates also come with an entire suite of templates

to apply systematic (teachable, repeatable) systems for decision making.

These problem solving worksheets can be used as needed when employing any of the problem solving techniques.

Value List template Decision PICK Matrix





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