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Process Flow Diagram template

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Why reinvent?

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Process Flow Template

Process Flow Diagram

Sample Process Flow Diagram example

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Process Flow Chart Template

Shows the flow of the product or service through the process,
including inputs, outputs, and sources of variation.

Prior to creating a PFMEA —
(for Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)

use the Process Flow Diagram to identify Sources of Variation,
and desired Deliverables (ideal Functions) for each Process Step.

So the Sources of Variation column of the Process Flow Diagram
correlates with the Potential Failure Mode column of your PFMEA,
and the desired Deliverables column
correlates with the Function column.

Does the Process Flow Diagram automatically update the FMEA?

We get this question from people that are also talking with a salesperson for FMEA software that is written
to be used with a database rather than with Excel.

When the salesperson first mentions it, that feature sounds so compelling...

"Once we populate a field in one document, it will auto-populate all the other related documents."

But if you take a moment to think about it...

What is the core purpose of creating a Process Flow Diagram?

(and other related FMEA documents, like the P-Diagram, Interface Matrix, Boundary Diagram, DVP&R...)

Is your purpose to "quickly and automatically populate a sheaf of documents"?

Or is the core purpose to go through some time-tested field-proven exercises to stimulate human thinking —
so that you don't overlook some (perhaps initially not obvious) possible failure modes?

If you skip the human thinking part — what was the point of quickly auto-populating all those related documents?
If some failure mode, cause, or effect slips through unnoticed,
then those related documents didn't serve their foundational purpose.

If you're doing your FMEA process correctly...

then there should be only a loose correlation between the related columns in the related documents.

The human thoughts recorded in the one document should stimulate related (but not identical) thoughts in the other.

So the answer is no...

The Process Flow template does not automatically update the FMEA.

And now you know why we have no intention of ever changing that.


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The Process Flowchart is just one of many templates that make your life so much easier
when you are creating and maintaining an FMEA for Failure Mode Effects Analysis.

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