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House of Quality template

aka Quality Functional Deployment Matrix

QFD House of Quality template with all the power and familiarity of Microsoft Excel

Purposes of QFD Quality Functional Deployment

  1. To translate potentially vague customer desires into observable, measurable functional requirements for a deliverable product or service.
  2. To provide a guiding structure for a cross-functional product development team to rapidly design and deploy new products and services in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.

The first thing to notice about the

Systems2win QFD template

is that it can be huge or tiny —
easily scaling to the size you need...

QFD template

Sample House of Quality QFD Example

Your QFD Excel template
for quality function deployment

can analyze up to 50 customer demands, 50 performance measures, and as many as 4 customer segments and 5 competitors on a single chart — and you can easily copy additional charts to analyze unlimited performance measures for unlimited customer segments and unlimited competitors.

The House of Quality template includes everything that a seasoned Six Sigma Black Belt would expect,
as well as Kano Analysis, unlimited user-defined columns and rows, and all of the power of Excel and Systems2win's Personalization Upgrade Utility to personalize your deployment tool just the way you like it.

A competitive analysis graphic chart is instantly drawn for the customer segments and competitors that you choose from the dropdown menus — graphically illustrating how your offering stacks up against each competitor for each target customer group for each of your unlimited customer demands.

QFD template

Instantly compare different Market Segments and Competitors

House of Quality Template

House of Quality template

Resizable Roof

Click a cell in the top of the house to highlight the correlated columns.

Choose the type of correlation from the dropdown menu

With the click of a button...

  • Resize the number of rows and columns
    and it automatically re-sizes the top of the house!

Supports all 4 phases of QFD

QFD 4 phases

With the click of a button...

  • Generate a new sheet for the next phase of QFD
  • Auto-populates the rows of the next sheet with the data from the columns of the previous one
  • Re-labels the rows and columns — with correct pop-up help
  • Correctly removes the elements that are not relevant
    to the next phase
    (e.g., competitor analysis, top of house...)


Help when you need it

Like all Systems2win templates —

this is more than a fill-in-the-blanks template
with excellent pop-up help whenever you click any row or column heading.

Like all Systems2win templates —

the Help sheet provides excellent introductory training for those just getting started.

And like all Systems2win templates —

it provides suggested reading for those that want to take their House of Quality to the next level.

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House of Quality

Training & Demo Videos

QFD training

Additional training
relevant to this template

The Sample and Help worksheets of every template
always contain training relevant to THAT template




Easily personalized

Because it is written using Microsoft Excel, your qfd template can be easily personalized with custom formulas and individualized approaches to all four phases of QFD.

Like every Systems2win Excel template, the House of Quality template is editable and customizable, and comes with a sample page containing extensive online help and online training — so that your Six Sigma team members can devote their valuable time to actually performing QFD analysis and problem solving

rather than " inventing a deployment template"




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Video Help

House of Quality Video 1:
Introduction to QFD
& Cause and Effect Matrix


QFD Training Video 2:


QFD Training Video 3:
Calculations and Analysis


QFD Training Video 4:
The 4 Phases of QFD

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Relationships between FMEA and QFD

Learn more about FMEA.

Relationship between QFD and FMEA

Illustration courtesy of Strategic Quality


Tip: Sometimes, the Control Plan can serve as the 4th phase of QFD.

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Suggested Reading and Resources


Tip: The FMEA Control Plan can often serve as the 4th phase of QFD

More Suggested Reading

This House of Quality Excel template comes with the rest of the Six Sigma tools


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Casa de la calidad
matriz de despliegue funcional de calidad

Maison de qualité
déploiement fonctionnel
de qualité

Casa de Qualidade Implementação Funcional
de Qualidade

质量屋 质量功能部署矩阵










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