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Procedure Template

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Who needs standard work?

aka Standard Operating Procedures template, Policy and Procedure template

The Standard Operating Procedure Template has all the familiarity of Microsoft Word
so you can just start using it with little or no training,

and also has many special Systems2win features and online training
to take your standard operating procedures to a whole new level.

Just go to your portal and open your SOP.doc Word template,
and then follow the links to the online training for how to insert screen shots and
how to use your Table of Contents, collapsible outlines, the navigation pane,
styles, numbered outlines, links to related documents, and more features that
will help you create standard procedures that teach and train with pop and sizzle.

Standard Operating Procedure Template

Rather than starting with a blank page and a blinking cursor, when you open this standard operating procedures template you are ready to immediately start documenting your operation procedures. Like all of your other familiar Systems2win tools, your SOP template comes pre-formatted and ready to use.


Standard Operating Procedure - Word template

Sample Standard Operating Procedure example

SOP Template

Online training helps you through the common beginner learning lessons encountered when first learning to use Microsoft Word's Numbered Outline features. And like all Systems2win Word templates, your Procedures template also has links to online training for how to use other advanced Word features — like Table of Contents, Document Mapping, search tips, and other tips that you will find useful not only for quickly completing the operation procedure in front of you, but also helpful tips for everything you ever do using the most popular software in business — Microsoft Word.

Online training includes beginner and advanced tips for how to insert screen shots and other pictures — to make your visual work instructions easier to understand and follow.

And you can use Systems2win Link Icons to easily insert intuitive shapes containing hyperlinks to related documents —

and flag icons to link to related documents in multiple languages.

Link Icons Language icons

So whether you are creating an entire procedures manual, or documenting just a few short operational routines,
the Systems2win Standard Operating Procedures template will not only save you a lot of time...
it will also make your finished deliverables look like you really know what you're doing.

This SOP template comes with the Lean Tools,

which also include the Work Instructions template —

which is another popular tool for documenting operation procedures

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A company that does not possess and routinely exercise the capability to effectively target, plan, execute, and follow through on its kaizen events, including the non-negotiable requirement to comply with the new standard work to sustain the gains, cannot and will not successfully transform into a lean enterprise.

~ Mark Hamel, Author of the Kaizen Event Fieldbook





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