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Balanced Scorecard template

Balanced Scorecard software with all the power and familiarity of Microsoft Excel.

Plus a Policy Deployment Matrix and more than a dozen surprisingly powerful templates that will bring your strategic planning to a whole new level.


Balanced Scorecard template

Sample Balanced Scorecard Example

Balanced Scorecard Excel template

Your strategic planning team uses a Balanced Scorecard to define a set of measures that provide a balanced overall view of the performance of an organization and sub-teams within it.

This simple Excel template come with an online tutorial that succinctly summarizes Balanced Scorecard concepts so concisely that some of your busy executives might not need to purchase and read those long yawn-inducing books.

And it comes with links to a 4-page "idea generators" handout jammed with ideas for how to choose Balanced Scorecard metrics. And answers the question: "What measures have other companies used?"

Includes guidance for how to use this same Balanced Scorecard tool for both:

  1. Top-level strategic objectives
  2. Each Department's supporting objectives

The big "surprise value" of the Systems2win Balanced Scorecard template, however, is when it is used in conjunction with the Strategic Planning Worksheets. These 11 fill-in-the-blanks worksheets define what your company looks like today, and what you want it to look like once your strategic objectives have been accomplished.

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Strategic Planning Worksheets

To describe how your company is organized now,
and your vision of how your company will be in the future.

You have to see these strategic planning tools to appreciate them.

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Organization Overview

Who does what, where, and how? Locations, Strategic Business Units, financial info, and more...
(12 pages)

Strategic Planning template - Overview

Customers & Sales

Demand forecasting, pricing, customer touch points, CRM Customer Relationship Management, EDI...
(9 pages)

Strategic Planning template - Customers and Sales

Products & Services

Inventory, new product & service development, compliance reporting...
(6 pages)

Strategic Planning template - Products and Services


Supplier relationships, supply chain management, EDI & Internet,
Logistics Partners...
(5 pages)

Strategic Planning template - Purchasing

Cost Accounting

Inventory valuation, cost allocation methods, activity based cost accounting, overhead allocations, cost pools, drivers, and objects... Contains succinct training for cost accounting methods, and instructions for key factors to consider
(10 pages)

Strategic Planning template - Cost Accounting

Project & Job Cost Accounting

Job cost & revenue recognition, job billing, job planning, reporting...
(5 pages)

Strategic Planning template - Jobs and Projects

Financial Accounting

General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, HR Human Resources, Fixed Assets, Audit recommendations...
(6 pages)

Strategic Planning template - financial accounting

Information Technology

Servers, workstations, application software, network, communications...
(5 pages)

Strategic Planning template - Info Tech

Sales and Operations Planning

Sales & Operations Planning is top management's "handle on the frying pan" (1 page questionnaire. Extensive handouts and coaching for
Sales and Operations Planning training)

Strategic Planning template - Sales and Operations Planning


Production process design, production planning, production control,
quality control...
(8 pages)

Strategic Planning template - Production

Logistics & Materials Planning

Inbound & outbound logistics planning, multi-location, picking,
Automated Data Collection, material requirements planning,
other methods of materials planning...
(8 pages)

Strategic Planning template - Logistics and Materials Planning

These Strategic Planning Worksheets were developed by Dean Ziegler, CPIM, when he served as the lead consultant to help over 100 companies select and implement enterprise software projects.

You will be surprised by the level of depth and relevance contained within each — thereby serving as very useful discussion tools for each of the executives on your team to truly understand "what the other guys are trying to do" and how each department can work together to "all be pulling in the same direction".

This Balanced Score Card Excel template
comes with all of the other Strategic Planning tools.

You get them ALL for one low price!


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Template Benefits
  1. Written in Excel
    so your people already own and know how to use it
  2. Online Training — to get your creative juices flowing by viewing ideas for measures that others have included in their Balanced Scorecards
  3. Strategic Planning worksheets
    The Systems2win Balanced Scorecard template comes bundled with many other Strategic Planning tools — including 11 Strategic Planning Worksheets
    to help your executives define what your company looks like today, and what you want it to look like
    once your strategic objectives have been accomplished.




Balanced Scorecard software that your executives can learn and use in minutes

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Once you see our Strategic Planning Worksheets,  however, you will soon realize that the Balanced Scorecard is the easy part.

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