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Balanced Scorecard and strategic planning tools
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Word & Excel Strategic Planning Templates

Policy Deployment Matrix

also known as X Matrix, Hoshin Kanri, or Hoshin Planning

To develop & implement strategic plans and unique competitive
advantages — benefiting from input & ownership from all levels
of the organization — in a way that greatly accelerates
organizational learning and leadership development.

Policy Deployment X Matrix
Hoshin Planning
Policy Deployment

Balanced Scorecard template

Easy-to-use Excel template Balanced Scorecard software.
Comes with online tutorial and idea generators for how to choose
balanced measures for your Balanced Score Card.

Most effective when used with Strategic Planning Worksheets
to help executives better think through all of the factors relevant
to a well-considered Business Plan.

Balanced Scorecard software
Balanced Scorecard
Learn more

Strategic Plan template

Fill-in-the-blanks strategic planning template with help to ensure
you don't forget anything

5 pages

Strategic Plan template

Decision Making Tools

Choose the right decision making tools for the types of decisions
you need to make.

Prioritization Matrix

And most Systems2win customers also own...

Value Stream Mapping Tools

Value Stream Mapping is usually a centerpiece for lean strategic planning.

Value Stream Map

Problem Solving Tools

Choose the right problem solving tools for the types of problems you face.

elations Diagram

Priorities Planning

Excel & Word Templates for Priorities Planning

What Do Our Customers Want?

Identify & prioritize customer desires — by product & market segment.
Can be completed by each individual team member — then discussed
as a group.

What do our customers want?

Strategies Worksheet

SWOT Analysis and more tools for strategic planning

Strategies worksheet

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Strategic Planning Tools

Strategies Worksheets

Fill-in-the-blanks strategy worksheets for each Executive and manager — to come into your next strategic planning process prepared to describe how their functional areas are organized now, and a vision of how things will be different when your strategic goals are realized.

These templates were originally developed to clarify needs and strategies for a project to replace or upgrade your Enterprise Resouces Planning software, and yet can provide valuable insights for any strategic planning process.

Opportunities Assessment

Hand out to each executive, manager, or stakeholder — to stimulate thinking about opportunities for improvement
Section A) Problems that don't have obvious root causes
Section B) Opportunities for business process improvement

Opportunities Assessment

Organization Overview

Who does what, where, and how? Locations, Strategic Business Units, financial info, and more...
And what is your planning team's shared vision for how you WANT your organization to be when you get done implementing your strategic plans?

12 pages)

Strategic Planning worksheet - Org overview

Customers & Sales

How do you currently do demand forecasting, pricing, customer touch points,
CRM Customer Relationship Management, EDI...?
And how might you do these things better?

9 pages

Strategic Planning worksheet - customers and sales

Products & Services

Does your Marketing VP see eye-to-eye with your Engineering VP
when making decisions about inventory, new product & service development, compliance reporting...?

6 pages

Strategic Planning worksheet - products and services


What are the most vital things to know about how your company handles
supplier relationships, supply chain management, EDI & Internet,
Logistics Partners...?

5 pages


Cost Accounting

Inventory valuation, cost allocation methods, activity based cost accounting,
overhead allocations, cost pools, drivers, and objects... Strategies worksheet
contains succinct training for cost accounting methods, and instructions
for key factors to consider

10 pages

Cost Accounting Worksheet

Project & Job Cost Accounting

Job cost accounting software uses wildly varying terms to define similar concepts.
If your offerings involve jobs or projects, you will appreciate how these
field-seasoned questions cut through the language fog about
job cost & revenue recognition, job billing, job planning, reporting...

5 pages

Project and Cost accounting

Financial Accounting

Every company needs General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable,
and Payroll. And this strategic planning template also asks succinct questions
to clarify your firm's current and future information requirements for
HR Human Resources, Fixed Assets, and Audit recommendations.

6 pages

Financial Accounting

Information Technology

A strategies worksheet for your IT Dept to succinctly summarize a current snapshot and future plans for upgrading your servers, workstations, application software, network, communications...

5 pages

Info tech

Sales and Operations Planning

Sales & Operations Planning sets the pace for the heartbeat that pulses the lifeblood of money, inventory, and information through an organization.
More than one industry expert has asserted that S&OP is the single most important activity that an executive team can do, and yet so few executive teams do it well.

1 page questionnaire. Extensive handouts and coaching for Sales and Operations Planning training. These templates & training alone could more than pay for your entire set of templates

Sales & Operations Plan


Is your VP of Operations the only person on your executive team that could explain your core competitive strategies for production process design, production planning, production control, and quality control? Wouldn't it be nice to have a tool to "communicate with the rest of us"?

8 pages

Strategic Planning worksheet - Production

Logistics & Materials Planning

With the rising costs of transportation, how well have you thought through your options for inbound & outbound logistics planning, multi-location, picking,
Automated Data Collection, material requirements planning, other methods
of materials planning?

8 pages

Strategic Planning worksheet - Logistics


"When you fail to plan you plan to fail."

~ Benjamin Franklin

"If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else."

~ Lawrence J. Peter



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Strategic Planning Templates

When you own the Systems2win business planning tools,
you benefit from all
of the insights gained from all of the other companies
that have used (and improved) these tools
to go through what your strategic planning team
is now going through:

1) Getting everyone in all
of those departments to understand what everyone else in all of those other departments are really doing, and...

2) Communicating a clear vision and strategy so that everyone can understand how what they are doing fits in with what everyone else is doing

Easy-to-use business planning software

Because it is written using Word and Excel, you and your team members will already know how to use each powerful new strategic planning tool.

More than
you expected

You might have come looking for a tool to help create a Balanced Scorecard, and end up finding out that the Strategic Planning worksheets provide value you didn't even know existed.

How often do you get
to be a hero by bringing something this valuable
to the attention of your executive team?




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