Templates for Continuous Process Improvement



You must be able to prove that your primary business is consulting for Continuous Improvement

Serve your clients better


Empower your clients
with teachable, repeatable
systems for process improvement

Benefits for your clients

You and your client own and use the same tools to:

When you have your client's sincere interest at heart

you will never run out of (billable) ways to lead them around the next corner on their never-ending lean journey of continuous improvement

Better consulting deliverables

Your consulting deliverables...

collage of templates

Earn Rewards

Own these tools — free

If you don't yet own your Systems2win tools

Gift giver

then when you refer your client
to own the same tools that you use together,

you can earn a free seat for yourself

(so that you and your client can share files and collaborate together)

When you own your Systems2win tools

then you will probably never pay Annual Maintenance,

because you get a free upgrade every time that you refer another client

Get referrals

Systems2win does not provide consulting services.

When our customers ask us for a referral to a consultant,

we refer them to a consultant that is competent
using the same tools that our customers already own, use, and love

Attention: Systems2win customers

Are you frustrated with your current consultant?

If you're suspicious about paying $1000 a day to a consultant that is trying to persuade you to use home-grown tools that are obviously inferior to the tools that you already own...

then contact us

and we will introduce you to a consultant that might better help you
to get the most value from your Systems2win tools, training, and systems

Earn money

Rainmaker rewards are optional

If your ethical standards prevent you from accepting compensation for referrals

(whether self-imposed, or imposed by the standards of an organization that you are a member of...)

then all of the rewards listed above are still available

You can still do the right thing for your clients...
and we can still exchange referrals,
and you can probably still accept the cost-free thank-you gift
of allowing you to use the same tools that your client now owns and uses

Rainmaker rewards are guilt free

If you (like most consultants) accept a small monetary thank you

for encouraging your clients to invest in tools
that will greatly leverage the benefits they get from your consulting services

then that's pretty close to the definition of a 'win win' proposition



Whether or not you will accept a rainmaker finder's fee,
Contact us to learn how to join the Systems2win Affiliate Program


























Do you leave your clients with teachable, repeatable systems?




















Many consultants prefer to purchase their tools and become familiar with them first...

before referring a client

Own your professional
consulting tools today

and start delivering
better results tomorrow






Consulting Firms

Contact us to explore ideas for strategic partnership

Reminder: Systems2win does NOT provide consulting services.

Let's talk.








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