Templates for Continuous Process Improvement



You must be able to prove that your primary business is consulting for Continuous Improvement

Discount for you and your client

If you are a lean consultant, or you are hiring a lean consultant,
then you can get a discount for both of you.

Rather than $599 each, for a combined price of $999 you get

all 150+ templates — 2 installation files delivered separately:
1 personalized with the consultant logo; 1 personalized with the client logo

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Gift giver

This gift can go several ways:

The consultant can give a seat to their client

The client can give a seat to their consultant

The consultant and client can each get a discount by splitting the cost

Benefits for your clients

Now you and your client will own and use the same tools, so you can:

When you have your client's sincere interest at heart

you will never run out of (billable) ways to lead them around the next corner on their never-ending lean journey of continuous improvement

Benefits for you (the consultant)

When you use Systems2win templates:

Each time you refer a client

Thank you gifts for referrals from consultants
Your own license If you don't yet own your Systems2win templates,
you can get yours free by referring a client
Each time you personally refer a new client You get a free upgrade for your templates
Referrals from banner ads on your site 5% finder's fee


To get credit for your referrals

  • Contact us to let us know who you are referring
  • Ask your client to enter your name in the How Did You Hear About Us? field on the order form.

To publish banner ads on your web site

Avoid these questions from your client

"Why are you using tools that aren't near as powerful, professional, or consistently-designed as the Systems2win tools that we already own?

"You've never researched Systems2win tools?"

"We're paying you $1000 a day, and you say you can't afford $599 for better tools?"








Own your professional consulting tools today

and start improving your client deliverables tomorrow





Existing Systems2win customers

If your consultant is using tools that aren't as useful as yours...

then why not share this page,
and suggest that the two of you might make better progress together if you start using (and sharing) better tools


















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