Templates for Continuous Process Improvement



You must be able to prove that your primary business is consulting for Continuous Improvement

Discount for your best client

While this promotion lasts...

When you (as a consultant) purchase 1 seat of all templates ...

You can give your best client a 50% discount

to purchase their first seat of all templates —

for only $299 (instead of $599)

Gift giver

Now you and your client will own and use the same tools, so you can:

When you have your client's sincere interest at heart

you will never run out of (billable) ways to lead them around the next corner on their never-ending lean journey of continuous improvement

Details of this limited time offer:

Just instruct your client to put your name in the "How did you hear about us" field when they purchase 1 seat of 1 bundle.
We will know to deliver all 4 bundles — for the price of only 1 bundle.

The discount must be used by a client — not another consultant.

You client discount must be used within 90 days of your original purchase.

Limit one client discount per consulting firm (even if you purchase multiple seats).

Finder’s fees for referring your clients

Finder’s fees for referrals from consultants that own and use Systems2win templates
First referral each year For your first referral each year,
your compensation is a free upgrade for your own templates
Personal referrals
(beyond the first per year)
30% finder’s fee
(commissions paid on first $10,000 of each sale)
Referrals from banner ads on your site
(beyond the first per year)
5% finder’s fee

To get maximum credit for your referrals:

  • Ask your clients to enter your unique affiliate code into the How Did You Hear About Us? field on the Systems2win order form.
  • Contact us to let us know who you are referring

To publish banner ads on your web site:


If you don’t yet own your own Systems2win templates

If you don’t yet own your own Systems2win templates for your own consulting purposes,
then you can still sign up for our Affiliate Program as long as you meet the minimum criteria.

Consulting deliverables in PDF format

When your client owns their own Systems2win templates,
you can exchange documents in Excel format.

For those clients that do not yet own their own Systems2win templates,
you can share with unlimited users
the RESULTS of what you created
in a non-editable format, such as a printed paper, or a PDF file.

To make it easy to comply with this license requirement, Systems2win provides
free training for how to download and use free PDF writing software.

See License Agreement

If your consulting firm also offers training classes

If your consulting firm also conducts training classes,
then your students can use Systems2win trial templates
as part of our Education program.







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