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Gantt Chart Excel template

Gantt Chart template

aka Project Plan template, Project Management template

Purpose of this Project Plan template

To plan and manage a lengthy or complex project,
illustrated with an easy-to-understand graphic time line bar chart.

Excel Gantt Chart template

The Top 3 Features of your Systems2win Excel Gantt Chart template

  1. All the familiarity of Microsoft Excel. Use everything you already know.
  2. All of the standard features that come with every one of your other 150+ Systems2win templates

    Consistent design, easily personalized, free training & videos...

    Learn one; you know how to find help for all 150+ templates for continuous improvement

  3. Work Calendar Adjustment

    If you are working 16 days in December and 23 days in January —
    doesn't that affect your answer to the question: "When can we have it?"

    That's what Work Calendar Adjustment Factors do.

More features and benefits

Gantt Chart Excel template

Sample Gantt Chart example

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How to use your Gantt Chart template

Systems2win menu > Systems2win templates

Find and open your template

Find and open your Gantt Chart template (Gantt.xlsx)
in the same way that you find and open
your other 150+ Systems2win templates.

Save your working document, following the usual
document storage and naming conventions
established by your leaders.

Dropdown lists for faster data entry and fewer mistakes

Edit your drop down lists

Edit the drop down lists on the DV sheet
for your Team Roles, your available project Resources,
your Status codes, your Work Calendar...

in the same way that you edit drop down lists for any Systems2win template.

If English is not your native language

Switch language, just like every Systems2win Excel template.

Open a Blank Sheet

Systems2win menu > Open a Blank Sheet

When you're ready to start doing your own real work...

click the button to 'Open a Blank Sheet'

Excel Ribbon bar > Systems2win tab > Open a Blank Sheet

This blank sheet is where you will do your real work

(not on the Sample sheet)

Rename your new sheet

Define your Project Start Date

Gantt Chart menu > Configure Chart

Your Chart will only work correctly after you...

Enter 'Start Date' in the 'Total Project' row
Select Systems2win menu > Configure Chart

Tips: The sheet must be unprotected to use the Configure Chart button.

If your Project Start Date ever changes, you need to do this again.

Choose your time units of measure

99% of users will use the defaults without changing anything!!!

To change time Units of Measure:


Simply edit the column header to be minutes or seconds instead of hours.

Start and End

1) Edit the column headers

(for example 'Time' instead of 'Date')

2) Change the format of all cells in the 'Start' and 'End' columns

Right-click > Format Cells > Number tab > choose a time format instead of the default date format

Choose your Default Work Calendar Adjustment Factor

Gantt Chart Work Calendar Adjustment Factor

For any row where you leave the cell blank
in the column for 'Work Calendar Adjustment Factor',

it will use the 'Default Work Calendar Adjustment Factor'
that you choose (from the drop down list) in the top row.

Tip: If your working calendar never changes

(for example, you always work 5 days a week)

then (after choosing your Default Work Calendar Adjustment Factor),
you can simply hide those 2 columns for WCA.

Create your Project Plan

The Gantt Chart will be auto-created as you enter Start Dates and Durations.

Watch the training video (in the section below)

to learn how to use Excel formulas for precedents, dependents, and absolute fixed dates.

Keep your Plan up to date

Make changes to your Project Plan as things inevitably change.

Option: To make it easier to manage your Critical Path

you might define dates for only phases and milestones within your critical path
and then simply make the start date for all non-critical-path sub tasks equal to the start date for the phase.

Learn how to use Excel

The Help sheet of every Systems2win template has an 'Excel Training' section,
with links to online training and videos teaching you how to use those features of Microsoft Excel
that are most likely to be most useful for that template.

For this template, it is especially important for you to learn the right ways to move or copy entire rows.

Systems2win menu > Hide / Show Rows

Hide or Show Rows

Optionally use Systems2win menu > Hide / Show Rows
to quickly hide or show different levels of detail
for different types of users of your Gantt Chart.

See training video for Hide/Show Rows

Enter % Complete and Status

(and notice that conditional formatting can still work correctly even if using different languages)

Optionally save baseline and/or archive versions.

(saving your copied workbooks using our suggested Document Storage and Naming Conventions)

Advanced Tips for your Chart

Chart Alignment

Either open your Gantt Chart template in Excel, or scroll up to look at the sample picture above.

Notice that the first line of the chart is for the total project,
the second line is blank,
the third line of the chart needs to align with the first task,
and the second-to-the-bottom line of the chart needs to align with the last task.


As you add or hide rows...

you may need to manually adjust chart height to line up perfectly with your rows.

To make chart alignment easier, try toggling between options for 'Chart Labels'

and notice whether you may need to manually adjust the width of the Plot Area to show the labels.

Chart a "Today" Line

Systems2win menu > Configure Chart

On the Sample sheet...

if you change the 'Project Start Date' to a few days ago,

and then select 'Systems2win menu > Configure Chart',
the Today line will appear correctly in your chart.

Try it.

Excel Gantt Chart
Training & Demo Videos

Gantt Chart Training Video

Additional training
relevant to this template

The Sample and Help worksheets of every template
always contain training relevant to THAT template


Also see the other Lean Management tools that come with your Gantt Chart Excel template








Gantt Chart video



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Training to get you started.
Tools you won't outgrow.

Gantt Chart Excel Tips

A few of the most important Excel tips include:

Excel tips video:
How to select, hide, delete,
insert, copy, and move
entire rows & columns

You should always become familiar with the 'Excel Tips for THIS Template',

which are always found near the bottom of every Help sheet in every Systems2win Excel template.

Don't skip this!!! Go look at those Excel Tips on the Help sheet now.


Video: How to use
Excel Drop down Lists and Filter,
& Systems2win Copy Sheet

Use Excel's powerful filter features to analyze usage of time and money for any given resource or combination of project resources

(using filters such as equal to, greater than, begins with, does not end with, contains, does not contain, AND, OR, etc.)

Notice that resource usage analysis in this project planning template is in some ways more powerful than most Project Management software because you can analyze both:

  1. Duration (in days)
  2. Effort (in hours)

    For example... During those 7 days of Duration,
    How many hours will be required from my already-overworked Project Manager?
    How many hours will be required for that expensive consultant?

Bookmark = Milestone

Gantt Summary Milestone Chart

Gantt Summary

A Gantt Chart is far too detailed for many stakeholders —
who just want to see a brief summary of your project plan.

Your Gantt Summary Milestone Chart template (Nonsubscriber)

provides an at-a-glance visual summary
that is very easy to copy as a picture
to your PowerPoint presentation or A3 Report

Or... if your project is extremely simple...
you could even plan the entire thing using this simple tool.

Bookmark = benefits

Excel Gantt Chart Template

  Features & Benefits
  Written in Excel

Familiar. Your people already own it and know how to use it.

  Auto-draws the Gantt Chart

with auto-adjusting time scale, % complete, and a line that shows "Today"

  Easily shared between licensed users

with affordable pricing for unlimited users

  Easily shared with unlicensed users

as PDF

  Unlimited hyperlinks per row

using Link Icons Link Icon for graphic hyperlinks that are easy to see, easy to understand, and easy to use

  Unlimited size

Gantt Chart can expand to any size

  Drop down lists

of user-defined codes for unlimited people and resources

  Calculate start date

end date, or duration for any line item

  Define simple or complex predecessor relationships
(e.g., this task starts 5 days after another ends)

with all the power of Excel's formulas, and ability to link to outside data sources

  Multi-layered levels of details

Easily hide rows & columns of unneeded details.
All the calculation power of Excel to create Phase and Milestone summaries.

  Analyze project budgets and costs

with all the power of Excel

  Analyze Effort (in hours) and Duration (in days)

filtered by people, resources, costs, % complete, and more

  Adjust schedule for your calendar of working days and holidays

using Work Calendar Adjustment Factors

  Plenty of helpful training

live new user training, searchable text training and video training


Reasons you might want to step up to more expensive Project Management Software
(or... if you can live without these features, then why spend the extra thousands?)

Comparison Systems2win Excel Gantt Chart Other
Define grid lines Yes, but using only whole numbers.
E.g. 7 days = a week. 30 days is close to a month.
Yes. Advanced
time-based grid line capabilities
Header rows repeat
at top of each printed page
but only for columns — not chart.
Chart has axis labels at top and bottom
Auto-numbering of complex Work Breakdown Structure numbers No
Just use Edit > Fill Series for (automatic) simple numbering,
or manually enter complex numbers
Auto-number options include outline format
(e.g. 1.1, then 1.1.1)
Select multiple colors
for Gantt chart bars
All Gantt chart bars will be the same two colors
for complete vs. incomplete.
You can, however define those 2 colors.
Display predecessor relationships on the chart No Yes
Critical path analysis No Yes
Calendar view No Yes
Earned Value Management No Yes
Manage resources across multiple projects No
Theoretically, you could use Excel formulas to do this, but if you are managing more than a couple of projects that need to share resources, you should probably step up to high-end Project Management software

If your projects are simple enough to manage without these advanced features,

then why spend the extra thousands?


This Excel Gantt Chart template comes with
an entire suite of Project Management Tools
for Continuous Process Improvement


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