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Spaghetti Diagram

also known as Layout Diagram, Spaghetti Chart, or Standard Work Chart

The Spaghetti Diagram template can be used for simple floor planning purposes,
but it really shines as a Lean process improvement tool for creating a spaghetti map
to visually illustrate how a process flows through a work space.




(The Layout Diagram
is a sheet within the
Standard Work template,
which also comes
with your free trials)

Layout Diagram

Sample Spaghetti Diagram Example

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Since your people already own and know how to use Microsoft Excel,
your people have a much higher probability of actually using this powerful standardized work chart.

You start out by drawing a spaghetti diagram of your current "as is" process,
and then copy your "as is" process to serve as a starting point for your "to be" process.

Spaghetti Chart with Standard Work

Spaghetti Chart in Standard Work

The greatest power of your spaghetti diagram is when you print it out and post it on the shop floor along with printed Standard Work Instructions.

Each circled Operation Number on the standard work chart usually corresponds with a Work Element on the Standard Work Sheet.

Your Standard Work Instructions (often with floorplan map) get printed and taped up right in front of each worker at their work station — to remind people of the right way to do each job — thereby eliminating costly quality mistakes.

See the Standard Work training and videos to learn more.

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Spaghetti Map
Training & Demo Videos

Spaghetti Diagram Video

Additional training
relevant to this template

The Sample and Help worksheets of every template
always contain training relevant to THAT template

Translations available for immediate delivery include:

  • Spanish: Diagrama de disposición
  • Portuguese: Diagrama de Disposição
  • German: Bestückungsplan
  • French: Diagramme d’agencement
  • Chinese: 布局图


Also see the rest of the Lean tools
that come with your Standard Work Chart template



Download your free trial of the Standard Work template —
which includes a Layout sheet — so you can try it yourself







Video Help

Layout Diagram video


How to use Excel
as a drawing tool

Also see more videos for
how to use Excel as a drawing tool


Video: Selecting the right
Standard Work tools

See more standard work videos

How to use your

Layout Diagram template

Choose which template to use

The Layout Diagram is available in two ways:

  1. As a stand-alone template (LayoutDiagram.xlsx)
  2. As the 'Layout' sheet within your Standard Work template (StdWork.xlsx)

The stand-alone template is not available as a trial,
so trial users will use the 'Layout' sheet in the StdWork template.

Systems2win menu > Systems2win Templates

Find and open your template

Find and open your Layout Diagram.xlsx or StdWork.xlsx template
in the same way that you find and open
your other 150+ Systems2win templates.

If English is not your native language

Switch to your language, just like every Systems2win Excel template.

Observe the process

Perhaps use one of your templates for process observation

Open a blank sheet

If using the StdWk template,

click the tab at the bottom of the page for the 'Layout' sheet

Systems2win menu > Open a Blank Sheet

If using the Layout Diagram template,

Open a blank Template sheet

Systems2win menu > Open a Blank Sheet

Draw your 'As Is' process

Excel training:

On the 'Help' sheet of every Systems2win template,
there is a section for 'Excel Tips most valuable for THIS template'

Go to that section of your 'Help' sheet now,
and follow the links to learn how to use Excel as a drawing tool.

Get consensus that everyone agrees

Get consensus that everyone agrees that your "As Is" process
is an accurate representation for the way things really are now.

Analyze the 'As Is' process

What isn't ideal?

Are there loops?

How might time & distance be reduced?

Are all of the steps necessary?

Could some steps be combined?

Consider all aspects of the Toyota 4 Rules in Use

Perhaps use your Standard Work template to perform a thorough process analysis.

Systems2win menu > Copy Sheet

Improve the process

Copy your "As Is" sheet to serve as the starting point for your "To Be" sheet.

Use the special Systems2win utility: Systems2win menu > Copy Sheet

Process improvement training


This Spaghetti Map Layout Diagram template comes with
an entire suite Lean tools
to analyze and improve ANY process





Your purchase price is usually justified with the 1 or 2 templates that you use most

The others are a really nice
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Spaghetti Diagram Template Benefits
  1. Written in Excel
    so your people
    already own and
    know how to use it
  2. Professional image — maybe your hand drawings are okay,
    but how about your teammates?
  3. Save time — not having to "start over" for every little change
  4. Save money — by increasing what you can "do in-house"


Uses for a Layout Diagram template
  • Spaghetti Diagrams
  • Floor Plans
  • Standardized Work Chart
  • Easy-to-understand Work Instructions






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