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Excel templates for lean process improvement

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Lean Tools for lean process improvement

All of the templates on this page are included in the Lean Tools bundle

Spaghetti Map Layout Diagram

To create spaghetti diagrams, floor plans, and easy-to-understand work instructions.

The Layout Diagram template can be used for simple floor planning purposes, but it really shines as a spaghetti mapping tool for lean process improvement.

Download free trial Layout Diagram (within Standard Work template)

Spaghetti Diagram
Spaghetti Diagram
Lean Manufacturing tool

Standard Work Combination Sheet
To visually understand, redesign, and provide work instructions for a highly repetitive process

The Standard Work Excel template is 7 tools in 1:

  1. Layout Diagram spaghetti map

    to see what gets done where, and how much walking is wasted

  2. Value Add Analysis

    Pie chart to identify, reduce, and eliminate different types of waste

  3. Staff Load Balancing

    Bar chart to rearrange work loads to meet different levels of customer demand

  4. Standard Work Instructions

    to print and tape to the wall for operator reminder, and manager auditing

  5. TWI Job Breakdown

    (click the button in the Instructions section of the Help sheet)

  6. Quick Changeover tool

    for setup reduction

  7. Standard Work Combination Chart

    to depict time in a visual way

    Auto-draws the chart !!!

Download free trial Standard Work Combination Sheet

Standard Work Combination Sheet and Value Add Analysis
Lean video

Standard Work
training videos

Job Breakdown Instructor Notes

Standard Work Sheet
Standard Work Table

Yamazumi Chart

Unlike any other Yamazumi Board you've ever used,
this doesn't just draw a static chart.

It empowers you to very easily rearrange tasks...

which is the purpose of a Yamazumi Chart...

to eliminate waste and balance work loads.

Download free trial Yamazumi Board template

Yamazumi Chart template
Yamazumi Chart

Machine Load Balancing for Lean Manufacturing

Machine Balance Chart template to ensure that equipment is capable of meeting your Target % of Takt Time, and to answer what-if questions regarding equipment loading decisions.


Learn more about the Machine Balance Chart template

Machine Balance Chart template
Machine Balancing

Block Diagram

To create a simple, visual, high-level sketch of a process —
showing only Major Steps, sequence, operators, inventory, cycle time,
and perhaps just a little more optional information.

Block diagram template
Block Diagram

Cycle Time Observations worksheet

To observe and analyze process Cycle Times
(without detailed analysis of Work Elements performed by each operator)

Learn more about Cycle Time Observations

Cycle Time Observation worksheet

Time Observation Worksheets

Time Observation Sheet template to objectively study and time a process for Lean process improvement

Choose between two different Process Observation Worksheets:

1) For highly repetitive short processes

2) For processes more vulnerable to process variances

And both process improvement templates come with online training and an interview questionnaire to greatly improve the creative thinking of both the observer and the process worker.

Tip: The Standard Work Sheet has the option to use either stopwatch or video time observation

Time Observation Worksheet

Lean time observation

A3 Gemba Interview

The right questions to ask when interviewing workers at gemba,
to systematically encourage both the observer and the process worker to come up with creative ideas for how to realize Lean Ideals by applying
the 4 Rules In Use

A3 Interview Excel template

Standard Work Audit

Lean Management tool to ensure that work is actually being done in compliance with Standard Work Instructions.

Many novice Lean teams do everything right — and then fumble the ball at the last possible moment — by failing to supervise their supervisors to ensure that they are supervising — to make sure that people really are doing things the way that everyone agreed was the best way to do them.

Standard Work Audit Excel template

Results Metrics Gap Analysis

To establish lean process design objectives and compare to projected and actual results — managing the ∆ Delta Change gap analysis.
Easily link real-time data from source worksheets from various business templates.

Tip: The Value Stream Map can also be used for a similar purpose, but at a higher perspective.

Results Metrics - Excel template

A3 Illustrator for Stick Figure Drawing

A very easy to use tool to illustrate A3 Reports with intuitive stick figure drawings, and any other useful illustrations using Excel as a drawing tool.

Especially useful for Lean Office and Lean Healthcare

Stick Figure Illustrator
A3 Illustrator

5S Check List

Purpose: To measure and improve 5s workplace organization, instill 5s philosophy, and evaluate success of your 5s program implementation


Download free trial 5S Checklist

5S Check List
5S Scorecard
Process Engineering Tools

Business Process Improvement using Process Reengineering methods

Flow Chart Template

This is a pure and simple easy to use flowchart template

It runs on the same Microsoft Excel that your people already own and (hopefully) know how to use

One popular use is to create a Mix Logic Flowchart for lean level scheduling.

Flow chart Excel template
More info
flow chart template

Cross Functional Flowchart

Most business process engineering starts with a functional flow chart template — which has a swim lane for each person, department, or functional team that is involved with the process — showing an intuitive graphic depiction of who is doing what, when, where, and for how long.

Don't be surprised if this swim lane flow chart turns out to be the most used template in your lean toolkit.

Download free trial swim lane cross functional flowchart template

Swim Lane Functional Flow Chart
Cross Functional Flowchart
More info

Business Process Reengineering Matrix

If you've ever had a flow chart with too much information, you will appreciate this process engineering tool to untangle even the most complex workflow diagram.

Each row correlates to (and can be hyperlinked from) a box
on a flow chart.

Fill-in-the-blanks columns cover every process engineering concept taught within Ray Manganelli's Reengineering Handbook.

Includes a CRUDS matrix to clarify exactly who is doing what where with every piece of paper and every element of data for every step of your process.

Value Add Analysis pie chart and Activity Based Costing analysis make it easy
to identify and eliminate waste.

Business Process Reengineering Excel template

Process improvement tool
for process engineering
of complex processes

Lean Training templates Lean Training tools

Training Matrix / Skills Matrix

Can Roger take a vacation? This Excel template is often used as a Cross Training Matrix to define and measure the skills and training that your people have vs. the skills and training they need.

View Training Matrix videoLean video

Training Matrix

Cross Training Matrix

Work Instructions

(aka Job Instructions)

To provide thorough training — using a combination of pictures and written instructions to minimize lost productivity and quality when training new-hires, temporaries, and vacation replacements.

While the Standard Work Combination Sheet is the right tool for analysis and process improvement — this Visual Work Instructions template is the right tool for (far more detailed) training for new-hires, temporaries, and vacation replacements.

 Download free trial

View training videos

Work Instrutions template
Work Instructions

It automatically renumbers
your steps and re-shuffles
your images whenever
you regenerate your
printed (or PDF) report

Standard Operating Procedure

Use this popular template to document how to perform any operation procedure.

It comes with online help for how to use Word's numbered outline features to easily number (and renumber) process steps.

Supports Link Icons within Word documents

standard operating procedure software template
Procedure template
More info

2 Learn Excel

Self-paced learning validation tool...

1) To learn some of the most powerful features of Microsoft Excel

2) To learn Systems2win's innovations that make Excel even more useful

3) To allow a Supervisor to validate that the Learner has learned — with one
    quick glance

 Download free trial Self Paced Excel Learning Tool

Learn Excel
2 Learn Excel — learn more
Lean tools for TWI Training Within Industry TWI Job Instructions training method

Job Breakdown Sheet 

Instructor Notes used by the supervisor to prepare to effectively train using the TWI Job Instructions training method.


Job Breakdown Instructor Notes

Job Breakdown Instructor Notes
for using the TWI JI training method

TWI Job Instructions Pocket Card

Pocket Card to quickly remind supervisors how to follow the TWI Job Instructions training method.

Easily personalized, and then
perfectly sized for credit-card-size lamination.

Job Instructions Pocket Card

TWI Job Methods Pocket Card

Best practices reminder for how to practice lean process improvement

Easily personalized, but gives you a great start;succinctly summarizing modern lean methods that go way beyond original TWI teachings.

Job Instructions Pocket Card

TWI Job Relations Pocket Card

Common sense four-step process for how supervisors should resolve conflicts between people

Easily personalized, starting with a template similar to the original TWI Job Relations card

Job Instructions Pocket Card

Pocket Card for
second line supervisors

For second line supervisors
and Change Agents

Succinctly summarizes modern lean leadership teachings that you will find far more useful than the original TWI teachings for second line supervisors

Job Instructions Pocket Card
Heijunka Load Balancing Tools Heijunka load balancing tools

Pitch Chart

To level the flow of work
and to measure expected vs. actual production per pitch cycle


Learn more about Heijunka load balancing tools

Pitch Chart

Monthly Pitch Log

To provide at-a-glance visual analysis of trends for hour-by-hour attainment of the target production rate (known as "pitch")

Monnthly Pitch Log

Pull Queue Hourly Status

To view trends over time — of the log-jam status of work requests leading to a work center that responds to lean pull signals (such as a FIFO Lane)

Pull Queue Hourly Status Report

Job Log

Compare estimated to actual set up times and run times per job —
with explanations of reasons for each miss — which are then used to continuously improve the process

Job Log



Lean Tools in a typical lean journey

How to choose the right tools

Tool Matrix

Use the Tool Matrix to select the right Process Improvement Tools
for what you need next.

A typical lean journey starts with some combination of
value stream mapping, kaizen, 5S workplace organization.

It usually isn't long before you reach that all-important fourth S — “Standardize” —
and you learn first-hand how important it is to lock in your gains
with Standard Work, Visual Work Instructions, Standard Operating Procedures
so that people don't simply backslide into old habits, and erode so many of your hard-won gains.

Most lean journeys start with customer-facing operations —
and then slowly make their way to white-collar lean office supporting functions.

Your Systems2win lean templates empower your people with the full suite of Process Improvement tools
to not only get you started on your Lean journey — but to grow with your people as they mature through the years; continuously improving your tools for continuous improvement.


Lean Manufacturing software that's exceptionally easy to learn

Your people already know how to use each powerful new Continuous Improvement tool —
because it is "just Word or Excel".

  • No proprietary software to buy
  • Easily shared between all of your team members
  • Easily imported into PowerPoint to summarize results

The surprise prize that comes with these lean templates

The depth and clarity of online training is the biggest surprise for most new customers.

They buy these jit tools because they want time-saving templates,
and then are surprised that so much online lean training is instantly available and free.

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Process Engineering Tools

These business process reengineering tools support all the BPR concepts taught within The Reengineering Handbook, by Ray Manganelli



More Suggested Reading


Business Process Improvement templates

Because these Business Process Improvement tools are written in Word and Excel, your people will already know how to use your powerful new tools for process improvement.


Standard Work templates are the most valuable tools in your lean toolkit

We believe that the Standard Work templates are the most valuable tools for Operational Excellence.

Why? They are the lean tools that lock in your gains, and allow you to start ratcheting your improvements.

If you don't use standard work tools to train and audit your workers, then you will constantly fight "backsliding" into old habits.

If you pull 10 people from their regular jobs for a 3-day kaizen event, only to watch workers backslide into old habits within 3 months — how much was that kaizen event worth?


What's so wrong with backsliding into old habits?

Many faces of Lean

These excel templates are designed to be ideal tools to improve any type of process:




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