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Training Matrix

aka Cross Training Matrix, Skills Matrix, Training Plan template

Use this Training Matrix template to answer the question...

Can I take a vacation?

Does anyone have the cross-training to do my job so I can take a break?

Training Matrix Template

Training Matrix

Sample Training Matrix Example

Ideas for how to use your Skills Matrix template

This versatile Matrix template is the Swiss Army knife of your Lean toolkit.

Training and Skills Matrix

It is most commonly used as a Training & Skills Matrix —
to define and measure the skills & training that your people have vs. the skills & training they need.

Cross Training Matrix

Who needs what skills & knowledge - and how are they coming with that?

To ensure that at least someone has at least the minimal skills & training needed to allow each team member the opportunity to take a week off every now and again.

Team or Department Training Plan

Perhaps with a separate worksheet for each job or role.

Project Training Plan

Perhaps one worksheet for project team member training
and another for end user training.

Job Design Matrix

Job Design / Career Path Planning

This Skills Matrix is an essential supplement
to your Jobs Design Matrix template
when you need to re-design jobs and career paths.

Job Candidate Evaluation

It can also be used as a Hiring Skills Matrix to compare the strengths and weaknesses of job candidates.

Which job candidates have the most promising skills and aptitudes?

Responsibilities Matrix / Performance Evaluation

When used for Performance Evaluation purposes,
it is usually best to create a separate working document for each person,

and then use the column headings as dates –
so that both the person being evaluated and their supervisor can see progress over time.

Perhaps ask the person to self-evaluate in addition to the evaluations of his or her mentor(s).

Then meet to discuss performance evaluation.

Performance Evaluation — Fairness

As a manager, has it ever happened during a performance review that an employee complains that you seem to be judging their job performance based on criteria that are different from what had been communicated earlier?

How could that complaint possibly arise if your are conducting your Performance Evaluation using the exact same form that was used to communicate job responsibilities in the first place?

Bookmark = Validation

Learning Validation

for learning to use your Systems2win templates

One good use of your Training Matrix Template is to monitor how your people are coming with learning to use their Systems2win templates...

Training Matrix Excel template


Watch this brief training video to learn more...

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Training Matrix Demo Videos

Cross Training Matrix video

Additional training
relevant to this template

The Sample and Help worksheets of every template
always contain training relevant to THAT template

Translations available for immediate delivery include:

  • Spanish: Matriz de entrenamiento cruzado
  • Portuguese: Matriz de Treinamento Cruzado
  • French: Liste des contrôles du plan Kaizen
  • German: Trainingsmatrix
  • Chinese: 交叉培训矩阵

Also see the rest of the Training Program Design tools
that come bundled with your Skills Matrix

Video Help

Skills & Training Matrix video

Introduction to
Systems2win templates


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