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Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping software that you won't outgrow

Value Stream Mapping templates with on-line training, videos, and examples for value stream management
to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control your lean value stream — not just draw it

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Value Stream Mapping tools

All the Excel templates you need — in 1 inexpensive bundle

VSM Return on Investment (ROI) is typically over 500%

Value Stream Map template

Easily draw a value stream map in familiar Excel

using the value stream mapping symbols
known as the 'language of Lean'
with math, charts, and analyses that Visio can't do

value stream mapping videoVideo: How to use Excel to create drawings
without the extra cost and confusion of Visio

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Value Stream Map template
Value Stream Map


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VSM-PowerTool (below)
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Value Stream Mapping template

The VSM-PowerTool with pre-programmed math

Unlike Visio

(which does only rudimentary math),

and unlike the expensive cumbersome add-ins to Visio,

(where you are expected to program and debug your own math —
importing and exporting to and from Excel)...

with this Excel value stream mapping template,

you can simply unhide rows of pre-programmed value stream analysis
to easily answer the common questions that were the reason for
mapping your value stream in the first place.

And (unlike Visio and its add-ins)

you can use everything you know about Excel to personalize your maps.

Learn more about the Value Stream Mapping Power Tool

Value Stream Mapping template
The VSM Power Tool
can even handle
Mixed Model Value Streams


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Supply Chain Value Stream Map

Anyone who has attempted to manage a value stream map beyond their own 4 walls knows that the math and charts are different.

Visio wouldn't know the difference — because the symbols are the same —
but the math and charts are very different.

Again... rather than working late to try to program these different formulas and charts yourself... your Systems2win bundle of lean value stream templates comes with ALL of the tools that you will never outgrow.

Supply Chain value stream mapping

Learn more —
Supply Chain Mapping

2 Learn Value Stream Mapping 

Self-paced learning quiz

With one glance — (when they "bring it back green")
a supervisor can have confidence
that each learner will now be a more valuable team member

and the supervisor hasn't spent all day training each learner

Learn Value Stream Mapping
Self-paced learning quiz

Team Charter

Your team leaders can choose from several excellent choices for a
Team Charter template — selecting the best way to communicate
what is expected from this team.

Team Charter template

Product Family Matrix

aka Product Quantity Product Rounding PQPR Matrix

Your first step is to identify your product families —
(products and services sharing similar processes),
and Systems2win provides the ideal tool for defining your product families.

You will then create one value stream map per product family,
and then (optionally) use Excel's scenarios to analyze different numbers for different products — all on one drawing!

(try doing that in Visio...)

Product Family Matrix Excel template
Learn more about the
Product Family Matrix

Process Steps List

Regardless of whether you are doing Lean ManufacturingLean Office, or Lean Healthcare, the second step is to walk the gemba (where the work is done) and write down a list of the process steps that you observe

Value Stream Analysis — fast and easy

VSM process steps
Process Steps Analysis

Take your value stream map to another level

Import your Old State comparison data with a click of a button.
Analyze multiple scenarios on a single drawing.
Insert unlimited rows of user data — with all the calculation power of Excel —
and analyze Old vs. Improved State for anything important to your process.

Tip: More and more of our new customers are coming from experienced lean teams
that already have dozens of legacy maps drawn with less capable software —
and frustrated team members are sometimes using their own money to buy
Systems2win software to answer the more sophisticated value stream analysis questions that their management team is (finally) beginning to ask — and their legacy software can't answer.

VSM import old state comparison data
Click a button to
Import Old State
Comparison data

Value Stream Team Roles

Define Performance Evaluation Criteria and Ideal Profile for each team role

Rather than starting with a blank page, you can start with industry best practices — and then personalize for your team.

Value Stream Team Roles

Value Stream Plan

To manage clearly-defined objectives, goals, measures, responsibilities, and deadlines.

The ideal way to hold people accountable for results

Value Stream Plan
Value Stream Plan

Yes, you get this entire bundle of value stream mapping templates for one low price

And for just a little more, you can also get
the full suite of Lean tools to drill deeper to solve the problems revealed by your value stream map,
and the full suite of Kaizen Lean Leadership tools to organize your continuous improvement projects

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Test drive every one of these Value Stream Mapping templates — with the confidence of a 30-day money back guarantee




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lean calculations)




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Top Ten Value Stream Mapping Template
Features & Benefits
  1. Visually see your entire process flow using the language of Lean to learn to see and eliminate wastes
  2. Preprogrammed Lean Metrics so you don't have to work late
    trying to write your
    own formulas
  3. Answer the question How can we make
    only what we need
    when we need it?
  4. Form a blueprint for Lean implementation to rally your team
    to eliminate wastes
  5. Instant on-line training for
    Lean concepts
    and techniques 
  6. Easily customized
    Written in Excel
    with all of its familiar formulas and charts
  7. Professional deliverables
    easily stored, emailed, and shared
  8. Drill down to swim lane flowcharts and other related documents
  9. Import Old comparison data with the click
    of a button
  10. Inexpensive
    to easily share
    & collaborate


Value Stream Mapping template — Example

Value Stream Mapping - animated illustration

Sample Value Stream Mapping Example

Download free trial of the VSM simple drawing tool
Attend free webinar to get your free trial of the VSM-PowerTool (that does all the lean calculations)
Test drive all 150+ process improvement templates with the confidence of a 30-day money back guarantee


Value Stream Management

and with math, charts, and analyses to reveal and solve root problems

Why just draw your value stream?
When you can so easily have the information you need to improve it.

The VSM Power Tool
has pre-programmed Lean metrics
that can be unhidden as needed
for value stream analysis and management

  • Lead Time, Cycle Time, Takt Time...
  • Time Sum Lines
  • Process Capacity
  • Optimal Batch Size
  • Every Part Every Interval
  • Activity Ratio, % Value Add Ratio
  • Work Load Balancing Chart
  • See our helpful Lean Glossary

Unit of measure conversions

  • New! Each process can have its own inventory unit of measure (e.g., one process makes wheels while another makes cars) — and everything is converted to a common unit of measure in the Time Sum Line
  • Switch at any time between working days, calendar days, weeks,
    or hours

Easily scales large or small

  • Drill down to swim lane flowcharts, Standard Work, Layout Diagrams,
    and other related documents
  • Add and remove processes with a single-click button
  • Hide rows — to show only what your audience needs to see,
    then unhide pre-defined calculations — to answer their questions
  • Easily handle multiple tiers of simultaneous processes
  • Print on any size printer or plotter supported by Excel


Value Stream Map

Written in Excel, so...

  • All the power of Excel
    To supplement our pre-programmed metrics with your own
    user-defined calculations
  • Drag n drop easy
    Copy n paste shapes
  • Easily exchange data
    Hyperlinks, data links, PowerPoint...
  • Your people already own Excel
  • No proprietary software to buy or learn
  • No cumbersome import and export to and from Excel —
    "it is Excel"


>>> Download free trial simple drawing tool <<<

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What is Value Stream Mapping?

A Value Stream Map is a special type of flow chart to depict and improve the flow of "the thing being processed"
and the information needed to process it.

Use this popular Lean tool to design your production environments for continuous flow —
as free as possible from the 7 types of waste.

Value Stream Mapping
Training & Demo Videos

Value Stream Mapping Videos

Also see online training for Value Stream Mapping

and How to use Excel as a drawing tool
without the cost and learning curve of Visio

Videos for the VSM PowerTool

As your gift when you attend a free webinar,
you get the trial version of the VSM-PowerTool
that has most lean metrics pre-programmed

Training found in the template

The Sample and Help worksheets of every template
always contain training relevant to THAT template

Additional relevant training

Language Translations

Translations available for immediate delivery include:

value stream map Chinese
  • Spanish:
    Mapeo de la Cadena de valor
  • Portuguese:
    Mapeamento do Fluxo de Valor
  • Chinese: 价值流图
  • French:
    Cartographie de la chaîne de valeur







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Video Help

Introduction to
foundational concepts value stream mapping video


Value Stream Mapping Software value stream mapping video


Hide / Show Rows, value stream mapping templates
and Add / Remove a Process


Units of Measure value stream mapping video


Process Steps value stream mapping video


How to use your VSM value stream mapping video
as a Dashboard for Control

Process Time and Cycle Time value stream mapping video

Lead Time value stream mapping video

Time Sum Line value stream mapping video


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