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Lean Tools, Training, and Systems

Lean Training

Process Improvement Steps

Online lean training to get fast, dramatic, and simultaneous...
   a) Reduction of costs and lead times
   b) Improvements in quality and morale

Lean Training

Table of Contents

Lean Video

Lean Video: Introduction to
Lean Kaizen DMAIC Six Sigma


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Lean Tools
for each of the Process Improvement Steps

Most organizations get their first exposure to lean through a single process improvement tool that looks like it might help solve some pressing problem of the moment.

If the tool (used in isolation) doesn't work as magically as expected,

then a year later you might hear someone from that organization say,
"Oh, yeah, we tried lean, and it didn't work here."

If they had tried a different tool,

then maybe they could have gotten a better start to their lean journey.
That's why it's a good idea to choose your tool(s) wisely.

Systems2win Excel templates

Lean Tools

All of the lean training in this website is best understood when using the Systems2win templates for continuous process improvement.

If you have not yet, you should now either:

  1. Buy them, or
  2. Download the trial version


Lean Principles

to identify, reduce, & eliminate waste

Lean training Lean Objectives — What is "ideal"?

Lean training Muda: Learning to see the 7 Deadly Types of Waste

Lean training Lean Flow — the single most important lean objective

Lean Principles don't change

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of lean methods and tools that have been developed and popularized to attempt to accomplish lean objectives in diverse situations commonly encountered along your lean journey, but the Lean Principles themselves don't change.

Your ultimate goal is for every person in your organization to be so familiar with popular lean systems and tools that they are able to apply the underlying lean principles in new and creative ways that are ideal for YOUR unique and ever-changing challenges.


Lean Systems

The essential link between lean tools and lean principles

Lean systems are the essential links between:

1) Lean Tools and Methods

that can be too specific, too detailed, and too confusing for people that don't yet understand what the tool/method is trying to accomplish in relation to the bigger picture

2) Lean Principles, Objectives, and Ideals

that can be too vague, too distant, and too unattainable

Lean Systems are critical to the success of your lean journey

Critical enough to deserve their own training web page.

So the Lean Systems training that used to be in this section of this Lean Training home page now has its own training page...

Lean Systems

When you click this link, it will open a new window,
so that you can easily come back here


Process Improvement Steps

to Reduce or Eliminate Waste

A road map for a typical lean journey

Some of our customers have asked us to create a "road map for a typical lean journey".

Yellow brick road

Although there are many routes to the top of any mountain,

and every experienced lean practitioner will suggest subtle adjustments...

we have none-the-less provided our own suggested road map for a typical lean journey

with the belief that these suggested steps, tools, and methods will provide a pretty valuable starting point for MOST lean journeys.

We hope you enjoy your sojourn.


The road to lean maturity goes something like this...

  1. Study how others have solved problems

    similar to the ones you are facing now

  2. Select the most promising tools and methods

    and then use the PDCA scientific method to experiment with applying them to your situation

  3. If you can't find a perfect fit with existing tools and methods

    then personalize them

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Suggested Reading for

Lean Training

Throughout this website, you will find many training videos, and many links to suggested readings and resources for additional learning.

Links to videos and suggested readings for some of the most popular topics:

Books — Lean Overview





"A bad system beats a good person every time."

~ W. Edwards Deming






In the days of the Roman empire, a common saying was...

All Roads
Lead To Rome

Similarly, no matter where you start your lean journey, all roads should lead to the lean principles that underlie all lean tools.

Your starting point could be any process improvement tool

Your destination is always the
never-changing Lean principles

Your roads are your lean systems







Training and Coaching

Consider Training and Coaching to support your teams to succeed


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Training to get you started.
Tools you won't outgrow.



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Schedule a conference
to discuss your challenges
with an experienced lean advisor