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A3 Report Lean A3 Examples

A3 Report template with examples and ideas for creative ways to use an A3 document for different types of problem solving and continuous process improvement.

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A3 Report

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Types of A3 Documents

Your A3 Report template can be used in MANY diverse ways.

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A3 Problem Solving

The most common use of an A3 Report is for A3 Problem Solving.

See training for
How to use your A3 Template for the A3 Problem Solving Process

Proposal A3

aka Strategy A3 (if focused on longer-horizon value stream or hoshin plan)

A very succinct, visual, and emotionally compelling way
to introduce opportunities and possible ways to capitalize on them.


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Differences between a Proposal A3 vs. a Problem Solving A3:

  1. Timing: Introduction of a proposal for a future improvement
  2. Left side only. You might use 8 1/2 x 11 or A4 size paper, because there is usually nothing to put on the right side.

    Some authors of a Proposal A3 add a section for 'Potential Countermeasures'.

    Others add sections for 'Benefits', or 'Reference Documents'...

    It's your proposal. Do whatever you think will help sell it.

If and when the Proposal gets approved, then it morphs into a Problem Solving A3.

Team Charter

An A3 document is a popular choice to serve as a Team Charter

because it so clearly 'tells the story'
of why your team was formed, and the mission to be accomplished.

It is a popular choice for:

Similar to a Proposal A3, your Team Charter might start out as an A4 report (on 8 1/2 x 11 paper)

and then evolve into a full size A3 Report if the Charter gets approved, and when the team gets to the A3 problem solving phases that require the right side of the larger 11x17 paper.

A3 Planning

An A3 Project Plan might use the entire report (both sides)
to flesh out a more detailed project plan.

After the planning phase is completed, then perhaps the A3 Project Plan might be condensed to fit on just the left side, thereby leaving the right side available for traditional A3 problem solving.

A3 Analysis

Similarly, (but less commonly), your A3 document might use some extra space from the right side of the report during the Process Analysis phase.

Perhaps temporarily condensing the problem definition and root cause analysis sections to make extra room for more detailed analysis of proposed countermeasures.

Decision Making

No matter which decision making tools and methods you use,

an A3 report provides a ideal way to 'tell your story' of
what problems were faced, what root causes were identified, what goals and targets were chosen, what options were considered, why you made your choice, how your changes were implemented, and expected vs. actual measured results.

All on one page.

A3 Management

Once your problem is 'solved'... is it really?

No matter which lean management system you are using, an A3 form provides an effective way to:

Status Report

For periodic progress reports.

The PowerPoint alternative to a Status A3 Report

An A3 Status Report has several advantages over PowerPoint:

  1. The entire presentation is on one page —
    communicating faster and more holistically
  2. It forces a more concise and systematic thought process
    when preparing the report
  3. It is more easily archived and distributed —
    along with all other documents related to the project
    (usually in PDF format, which is readable to everyone)
Why re-invent?

Why re-invent?

As an alternative (or supplement) to an A3 Status Report,

many teams for Kaizen Events, Value Stream Events,
and other types of process improvement projects
will prefer to use their PowerPoint Presentation of Results template (eventResults.pptx)
which has several advantages over an A3 Status Report.

When you own your Systems2win templates, you don't have to choose.

For any project, you can use either or both.

testimonial quote

A3 Process Improvement

All of the above types of A3 documents address different aspects of process improvement.

As part of the A3 process, you will also often use many of your other process improvement tools.

A3 Examples

See a sample A3 Report.

Or better yet, download your free A3 template, and follow the instructions for how to use it.

To see examples of many diverse types of A3 Reports — refer to the books in our Suggested Reading.


The bottom line is...

An A3 Report is an excellent way to tell a story.

Any story — about process improvement.

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