Value Stream Mapping software


Ideas for what you might do
with some of those unlimited rows of

User-Defined Fields

on your Value Stream Mapping template


user-defined rows


Add some rows for alternative scenarios

for high, low, or average

or rows for each product within the product family

or rows with detailed data for supermarkets

Learn how


More creatively...

Video: How to use your
value stream map
as a Dashboard for Control

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Using your Value Stream Map as a Dashboard for Process Control


Perhaps add entire sections to summarize ANY kind of data related to your value stream mapping processes.

Remember, you are using Excel —

so you can auto-populate data to and from an unlimited number of related documents.

In addition to the obvious categories of Quality, Safety, and Lean Cost Accounting, some additional ideas include...

Process Inputs

How much energy, hazardous materials, or other "inputs" are required for this process?

How might those inputs be reduced?

Tip: Analyze only the most important inputs—not every little thing.


How much scrap, trash, effluent, or emissions does this process produce?

How might those outputs be reduced, re-used, recycled, or donated?

Tip: Analyze only the most important outputs.

Continuous Improvement

Number of ideas generated and implemented per process center.

% of people cross-trained.

Number of kaizen events performed.

Or any other measures of continuous improvement.

Work Trigger

How is work authorized to start at each work area?

How to use your User-Defined fields

Notice that your Systems2win template provides you with 3 different types
of correctly-formatted rows for user-defined fields:

value stream map user fields - 3 types of rows
  1. Within a process
  2. Between a process
  3. Both Within and Between a Process

Simply copy the right type of row

using Shift Down and Copy

And notice that you can insert rows without unprotecting the sheet

if you insert them in the designated areas.

Or you can insert user-defined rows pretty much anywhere
if you use the button at the top of the page to Unprotect Sheet

Just be sure to immediately re-protect when you're done,
so that you don't accidentally mess up unprotected formulas.

The value stream mapping template comes with
many other useful value stream mapping tools



and you can empower every team member
with an enterprise license for unlimited users


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