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TWI Job Relations Pocket Card

A common sense 4-step approach to resolve conflicts between people

History of TWI

In the early 1940's, the U.S. government formed a Bureau of Training War Manpower Commission to help industry quickly ramp up for World War II.

They determined that one of the 5 Needs of a Supervisor was to be trained to have an effective way of resolving conflicts.

One of their 3 "J Programs" was the Job Relations program which is still very relevant and useful today.

Learn more history of TWI

TWI Job Relations Pocket Card — from the 1940's

TWI Job Relations pocket card

Get your own editable TWI Pocket Cards

TWI Job Instructions Pocket CardIncluded with the Systems2win Lean Training templates are templates that makes it easy to quickly make your own TWI Pocket Cards.

The TWI Job Relations Pocket Card template starts out pretty similar to the original — with some more modern wording and recent insights.

You can easily personalize your company's TWI Pocket Cards, then print, cut out, laminate, and distribute to your supervisors as part of their TWI training.

Each card is perfectly sized to be the exact same size as a credit card.

In addition to the Job Relations Pocket Card, there is also a Job Instructions Pocket Card, Job Methods Pocket Card, and a pocket card for second line supervisors and Change Agents.

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