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Measure Results

It's easier to launch a team than it is to follow up and measure results

to ensure that the team accomplishes the mission defined in their Team Charter

How to use your lean management tools to measure results

Find and open your template

Find and open your templates the same way that you find and open all of your other 150+ Systems2win templates.

Save your working document, following the usual document storage and naming conventions established by your leaders.

Systems2win menu > Systems2win templates

Before getting started

Your leaders should have already personalized the DV sheets in your master templates so that you are starting with typical dropdown lists for YOUR company.

Event Action List

aka Kaizen Action List, Kaizen Newspaper, Event Follow-up Checklist

Use your Event Action List template (eventAction.xlsx)

to collect Issues & Ideas as they arise before, during, and in the days immediately following the Event.

Kaizen Action List

Your Event Action List template has 3 sheets:

Sheet 1) Action List

Use the 30-Day Action List to assign responsibilities for things that need to be completed in the days immediately following THIS Improvement Event

Tip: Try to do as much as possible during the Event — only using the 30-Day List as a last resort

When completing the 30-Day Audit(s) — part of the Audit is to review the 30-Day Action and Always To Do lists
to make sure that all Action Items get completed

Sheet 2) Always To Do

Action items on the Always To Do List sheet are consistently done for all (or most) Improvement Events.

Action items unique to the event should be itemized on the Action sheet.

Tip to personalize your list to make it your own: If you are not using translations, you can simply overwrite any VLOOKUP formula with your own text.

Sheet 3) Issues and Ideas

Collect Issues and Ideas

Use the Issues & Ideas sheet to collect issues and ideas that might need to be addressed outside the scope of this Improvement Event.

Before finalizing the Scope of this Event

Quickly review this list to decide which issues and ideas should be part of the scope of this event, and which should be added to your master Potential Future Improvements list (PotentialFuture.xlsx)

(maintained by your central Process Improvement Leadership Team)

A week or two after the Event

Review the issues & ideas that arose from this Event, and transcribe the keeper ideas to your master list for Potential Future Improvements and/or Learning Lessons (LessonsLearned.docx)

Process Analysis

Use your Process Analysis template (Analysis.xlsx) to scientifically measure expected vs. actual results for the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that your leadership team chose to objectively evaluate the performance of this team

Choose metrics that are relevant and useful to improve and control your unique process.

Process Analysis template

Perform a 30-Day Audit

Enter observed measures, and any suggested corrective actions.

If there is even one corrective action that still needs to be completed

then schedule and perform another audit in another 30 days.

Copy columns as needed—for however many audits are required until you can be confident that your process improvements can be sustained.

Presentation of Results

At the end of each day of a Kaizen Event or Value Stream Mapping Event,

the team makes a Presentation of Results for the day's activities to your Executive Steering Committee and other stakeholders.

Event Audit

aka Kaizen Action List, Kaizen Newspaper, Event Follow-up Checklist

30 days after the Event - perform a 30-Day Audit using your Event Audit form (eventAudit.xlsx) and Results Metrics template (ResultsMetrics.xlsx)

If ANYTHING is still unresolved…

Schedule another audit in another 30 days

Repeat the audit on another copy of the blank template worksheet - renaming the new sheet 60, 90, or 120 Days

Kaizen Audit Excel template

Visual Management

One essential assignment for every Kaizen Team or Value Stream Team (or any process improvement team) should be to choose, design, and deploy visual management systems so that with one glance, any first-time visitor can easily tell whether or not that team is or is not meeting the Key Performance Indicators for that process, with frequently updated real-time data.

"How is this team performing right now? Today."

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Get even more Results

In addition to the desired outcomes defined in the Mission Statement for each Team Charter additional good ideas will always bubble up

Inexperienced leaders miss those ideas and opportunities for your next big strategic challenges.

Great leaders don't.


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Potential Future Improvements Prioritization Matrix Kaizen Event Schedule





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