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About Systems2win

Since December 2002, thousands of lean practitioners have trusted Systems2win to provide a standardized set of easy-to-use Excel templates for continuous process improvement with self-paced online training, innovative lean systems, and eyebrow-raising flexibility to personalize your templates to fit your needs to dramatically improve the speed, quality, and cost of ANY process.

Our mission is in our tag line

to continuously improve (your) tools, training, and systems for continuous improvement

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Dean Ziegler

Owner of Systems2win LinkedIn

Dean has been the lead designer of every one of the 150+ Systems2win templates, and continues to lead development, support, and continuous improvement of the Excel templates and online training for which Systems2win is widely known.

Development of Systems2win templates originally started during Dean's 14 years of systems consulting in the 1980's and 90's, before starting Systems2win in 2002.

DeanConference 1989

Dean leading a process improvement team in 1987

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Dave Condinho

Leader of Coaching Network LinkedIn

With 9 years experience as a Key Trainer at Toyota, Dave has coached many teams for many types of continuous improvement events.

He has true passion for both people empowerment, and for coaching process improvement events.

Event leadership

Dave coaching a process improvement event

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If you are a Change Agent looking to take your continuous improvement tools, training, and systems to another level, please accept my invitation to give me a call. You'll be glad you did.

Dean Ziegler, Owner of Systems2win






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