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About Systems2win

Since 2003, thousands of lean sigma practitioners have trusted Systems2win to provide a standardized set of easy-to-use Excel templates for continuous process improvement with self-paced online training, innovative lean systems, and eyebrow-raising flexibility to personalize your templates to fit your needs to dramatically improve the speed, quality, and cost of ANY process.

Our mission is in our tag line

to continuously improve (your) tools for continuous improvement

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Dean Ziegler

Owner of Systems2win LinkedIn

DeanConference 1989

Dean leading a process improvement team in 1987

Development of Systems2win templates originally started during 14 years of systems consulting.

Dean has been the lead designer of every one of the 150+ Systems2win templates.

Experienced Lean Consultant

Dean Ziegler, CPIM

Dean Ziegler, CPIM
professional photo
c. 1999

In 1987-89, Dean was co-owner of the largest support center in the United States for Great Plains Dynamics accounting software.

In the years 1989-2003 as a (truly) independent software selection consultant , Dean personally helped over 100 companies select and improve their Enterprise Systems , with every project involving:


Dean enjoying life

In the years 1989 to 2003, Dean enjoyed a very successful consulting practice as a truly independent and unbiased software selection consultant — helping over 100 clients select & implement enterprise software.

His clients chose him because he promised to "sit on your side of the negotiating table; and consider only your best interests" — and he delivered on every promise — not selling or supporting any one software solution, and not promoting only one way of doing things for process improvement. As a testament to just how truly unbiased Dean Ziegler was, his 100+ ERP software selection clients chose and implemented over 80 different software packages!

In 2003, some of Dean's clients began pointing out that "no one has templates like you've developed for us. You should sell your templates — even without the consulting services."

As is his habit, Dean listened to his clients' wisdom...

and the rest is history...

The USA Principle

Understand your current processes
Simplify them, and then, (and only then)

With every client, Dean extolled the benefits of the USA Principle

Almost every client was surprised to find that the single greatest value that they got from their "automation" project came in the "simplify" steps.

In the first meeting with a client's executive team, Dean would say,

"You hired me to Automate your processes, and we will get there.

Our first step is to Understand what you're doing now.

And the biggest benefit that you will get out of this entire process is to Simplify your processes."

Rather than paving your winding cow paths (with automation systems that will lock them in like cement), we want to straighten them out into freeways — and then automate those simplified systems.

Attentive Support

One huge advantage of working with Systems2win is that we are a small company.

  • Dean does new product design, training, and technical support
  • An intern fills the orders and takes care of customers
  • Rob Bovey is the lead programmer
  • Our programmer in Europe supports multi-language versions of Office and Windows
  • Kathy handles bookkeeping and administration
  • Alan does special projects

That means that when you call for technical support, you don't get a long menu of options that eventually routes you to someone in India.

You usually speak directly with the owner of the company, the person that designed the templates in the first place. A seasoned consultant who can answer your questions to get your improvement efforts back on track quickly.

Dean Ziegler

Additional Resume Info

People sometimes want to know more about Dean's education and interests

  • APICS Certified in Production & Inventory Management, and Logistics
    • Earned CPIM certification in 1995
    • Served as the VP of Seminars for the San Diego chapter
    • Helped develop the APICS Continuous Improvement class
  • Marketing & Distribution degree from Michigan State University
  • Doctorate of Clinical Hypnotherapy from American Pacific University
  • Toastmasters ATM speaker
  • Trainer and author

Dean's current passions are continuously improving this business, while finding time for tennis, riding horses with his wife, and enjoying daily practice of yoga and meditation.

Dean on his horse, Sera

testimonial quote

If you are a Change Agent looking to take your continuous improvement tools and systems to another level, please accept my invitation to give me a call. You'll be glad you did.

Dean Ziegler, Owner of Systems2win


As part of our deep-rooted commitment to environmental sustainability,
for over 15 years, the Systems2win web site has been hosted with 100% solar energy,
and we have received outstanding support and service from Phil Nail — owner of






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