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About Systems2win

Since December 2002, thousands of lean practitioners have trusted Systems2win to provide a standardized set of easy-to-use Excel templates for continuous process improvement with self-paced online training, innovative lean systems, and eyebrow-raising flexibility to personalize your templates to fit your needs to dramatically improve the speed, quality, and cost of ANY process.

Our mission is to empower leaders

to continuously improve using tools, training and systems for continuous improvement

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Haldan Consulting

Owners of Systems2win LinkedIn

In 2019, Systems2win was acquired by Haldan Consulting, a South African company offering a global range of products and services for Manufacturing Intelligence and Lean Execution.

Haldan Consulting is a Manufacturing Solutions Provider and Business Partner, specializing in improving productivity, profitability and sustainability. Haldan's experience draws from working with Clients across numerous industries including Automotive, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Tooling and Chemicals and Plastics.

Haldan's team of experts utilize innovative software technology, specialized training, process optimization and problem-solving methodologies to deliver critical insights into all business processes.

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Erik Hansen

Systems2win Managing Director LinkedIn

Erik is the Owner and Managing Director of Haldan Consulting, and he holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also leads several businesses, including an award-winning Automotive Component Manufacturing company.

With his extensive experience in the implementation of manufacturing systems, Erik remains involved in the design of software solutions and in business consulting. He shares his knowledge and guidance with other companies along the road to lean and best business practices.

"One reason that I bought Systems2win, is because some of our clients have been using our OEE application for years to successfully do what OEE does... which is to highlight and spotlight problems. And after a few years of spotlighting the same problems, they are asking, 'How do we fix those problems?' And that's what's so great about Systems2win — which empowers our clients and consultants with a huge suite of tools and training to apply countermeasures to just about any type of problem that might be surfaced by OEE (or VSM, or 5S, or lean management systems...)" - Erik Hansen

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Dean Ziegler

Founder of Systems2win LinkedIn

Dean has been the lead designer of all the 150+ Systems2win templates, and continues to lead development and continuous improvement of the Excel templates and online training for which Systems2win is widely known.

Development of Systems2win templates originally started during Dean's 14 years of systems consulting in the 1980's and 90's, before starting Systems2win in 2002.

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Karla Vermaak

Systems2win Account Executive LinkedIn

Karla heads up the Customer Services and Sales Department. Customer service is an integral part of Systems2win's value proposition.

Karla holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing Management. With more than 10 years’ experience in the fields of Customer Services and Business Sales Management and Research, Karla manages technical support and sales. Her strong networking capabilities allow her to focus on the growth of long term customer relationships and the effective management of customer needs. The most rewarding part of her job is helping the customer get to the right resolution.

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