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Matrix Template

Matrix template

Excel template for Matrix Chart or Matrix Diagram

A matrix diagram is a popular lean sigma tool
to visually depict relationships between 2, 3, or 4 groups of information.

The matrix template and the checklist template

are the most popular types of template to use a starting point
to create your own tools from scratch — for a wide variety of creative purposes.

How to create your own matrix template

Start with either the Blank template, or any existing Systems2win template

that already closely matches the type of matrix chart template that you want to create.

(See list of idea starters below)

Blank template

No matter which template you start with...

follow the instructions for how to create your own personalized templates

with all the familiar features you've come to expect
from every one of your standard Systems2win templates.

Rather than just words...

perhaps provide your users with a Legend to explain the meaning of symbols.

Perhaps use Styles to divide your matrix into sub-sections.

Perhaps define your own dropdown lists.

Matrix Chart — Types

L-shaped Matrix

Use an L-Shaped Matrix to compare 2 groups.

  Product 1 Product 1 Product 1
Thickness .06 mm .12 mm .15 mm
Certified checkbox   checkbox

Sample L-shaped Matrix Chart example

You have many Systems2win templates to choose from

to use as idea starters to design your own custom L-shaped Matrix Diagram template

Training Matrix

Quadrant Chart

Standard Work Audit

Process Analysis

Other popular uses of an L-shaped matrix template

T-shaped Matrix

Use a T-Shaped Matrix to compare 3 groups.

Michigan Plant X   X
Indiana Plant   X X
  Product 1 Product 2 Product 3
Customer A X X  
Customer B   X X

Sample T-shaped Matrix Diagram example

X-shaped Matrix

Use an X-Shaped Matrix to compare 4 groups.

  X Michigan Plant X  
X   Indiana Plant   X
Carrier X Carrier Y   Product 1 Product 2
  All Customer A X X
most low-volume Customer B   X

Sample X-shaped Matrix Diagram example

X-Matrix template



The most popular X Matrix template

is used for Hoshin Kanri Policy Deployment for strategic planning.


Other types of Matrix Diagram templates

QFD Matrix template

Excel's PivotTable features turn any of the above matrix templates
into a multi-dimensional 3D matrix.


The House of Quality QFD Matrix template has a Roof Matrix
that required a lot of special programming.


Suggested Reading for Matrix Diagram

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You own many useful types of Matrix Chart templates
with your Systems2win templates
for Kaizen Lean Sigma Process Improvement



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