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Multi-User Setup Checklist

Excel template to help your Systems2win Leaders get off to a great start

If you have more than one user...

then your Systems2win Leaders should use the Multi-User Setup Checklist template (MultiUserChecklist.xlsx) to ensure that everything gets off to a great start.

Whether this is a new installation or an upgrade...

it would be an unfortunate mistake for your Continuous Improvement Leaders to assume that the setup of your Systems2win systems can simply be delegated to your Information Technology Department.

The Multi-User Setup Checklist provides a clear path to pro actively ensure that your lean systems are set up correctly.

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Multi-User Setup Checklist

Where to find this template

The file name is MultiUserChecklist.xlsx

You can find it:

  1. The same way you find any Systems2win template

    Excel > Systems2win menu > Systems2win Templates

  2. Using Windows Explorer

    find and open it in your \S2winPortal\ folder

    in the \tTemplates\ sub-folder

Excel > Systems2win menu > Systems2win templates


If you have personalizations

Then the checklist has links to helpful instructions for how to transfer your personalizations from your old templates to your new ones.

Remember — if your organization owns the Sync feature, then the Personalization Upgrade Utility automatically finds and transfers most common personalizations, so there will be only a few (if any) that need to be manually transferred.



Why reinvent

Why re-invent?

Which seems easier to you?

Learning how to implement predefined, field-proven lean systems, or re-inventing your own?