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Lean Tools, Training, and Systems

Systems2win Leadership Roles

What needs to be done to successfully implement Systems2win for multiple users



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Leadership Roles



Systems2win Champion

Serves as...

the primary contact for all things Systems2win

Ideal Profile

An enthusiastic senior or middle level manager with both:

  1. Competence

    using a wide variety of
    tools and methods for process improvement

  2. Coaching skills

    using a wide variety of
    tools and methods for lean management

(This is not an IT position)

Geese flying in V formation

In smaller organizations a single person might fill every one of the roles described on this page

In larger organizations your Systems2win Champion might personally fill some of these roles, and might coordinate the efforts of different individuals and teams to perform each of the roles described on this page

Responsibilities of your Systems2win Champion

1) Ensure installation success

Ensure that every user gets successfully installed

It's pretty hard to get any value from your tools if your users don't even have them installed

or upgraded to the latest version

Use your Multi-User Setup Checklist

to ensure that everything gets off to a great start including some foundational guidance for your Document Storage and Naming Conventions

2) Be the primary contact

Yes, all Systems2win users are free to contact Systems2win support directly,

and yet your users will be so much more successful if they have a motivated internal Systems2win Champion as an additional resource for support and mentoring.

Your Champion is also the primary contact for correspondence to and from Systems2win.

Tip: Make it easy on yourself, by emailing us a list of your user's names and emails, so we can add them to the Systems2win Customer Correspondence System

so that each of your users receives helpful tips for getting started, and notices of upcoming free trainings and newly released videos.

Time Requirements

If the sub-roles are delegated, then there isn't a lot of time required, but it comes in spurts:

  • Initial installation
  • Initial leadership
  • Ad hoc questions
    and ongoing leadership

3) Lead

Use your Training Matrix template and mentoring sessions (both periodically scheduled and ad hoc) to ensure that each Team Leader completes their leadership responsibilities to ensure that every one of their team members gets installed, trained, and supported

(as described in the next section)

And again... in a small organization, your Systems2win Champion might be the only Team Leader

Every Team Leader

Training Matrix

Your Systems2win Champion should personally coach every team leader to maintain their own Training Matrix to ensure that every member of their team completes:

1) New User Training

so that your users don't get stuck with fundamental features common to every one of your 150+ Systems2win templates, and they get the most from their broad and deep arsenal of tools.

New User Training is available as either:

  1. self-paced on-line learning, or
  2. a monthly (free) instructor-led training class

2) Tool-specific Training

Your Systems2win Champion should also coach and mentor each Team Leader to use their Training Matrix to identify which tools are relevant to the responsibilities of each team member.

And then track the (ever improving) competence ratings for each tool that is helpful for each person's unique job responsibilities .

The tool-specific training completed by each team member might be any combination of:

  1. Self-paced online training and videos
  2. Instructor-led private training
    (facilitated by Systems2win or an Affiliate consultant)
  3. Instructor-led internal training
    (facilitated by an internal trainer)

    perhaps using your Training Session Planning template, your Work Instructions template, your TWI Job Breakdown template, and/or any of your other training templates

    Training Session Agenda Work Instrutions TWI Job Breakdown

Time Requirements

As soon as everyone on each team has completed their initial training...

then there should be very little further time requirement for the Team Leaders.

The tools should actually save time and improve consistency to help each team leader perform their most important and urgent assignments

that have the greatest impact on their bottom-line performance evaluation.

3) Leadership Coaching

In a lean cultural environment, every leader should be (at all times) grooming next-level leaders.

The Executive Change Agent and Systems2win Champion should establish internal systems for initial training and on-going coaching for:

  1. Lean leadership
  2. When and why to use different tools and methods
  3. How to use (and how to teach and coach each next-level leader to use)

appropriate tools and methods for standardized work, strategic alignment, problem solving,decision making, and lean management for every step of a typical lean transformation.

yellow brick road

Road map for a typical
Lean Transformation


Time Requirements

If you have only a few users,
all with administrative permissions to install their own software...

only a few minutes of IT resources are needed

If you have lots of users with restricted permissions...

maybe a day

If you choose to write a custom installer script...

see that training

Systems2win IT Support

Assuming that you have more than 1 user...

your Systems2win IT Support person is responsible to work closely with your Systems2win Champion to:

And each time that you upgrade...

Systems2win Personalization Leader

If you (optionally) personalize any of your Systems2win master templates...
then your Systems2win Personalization Leader will:

Time Requirements

About half of Systems2win customers never personalize anything.

Training to personalize your first template takes a day.

Subsequent personalizations take less time.

To summarize again...

Your Systems2win Champion might perform some or all of the above responsibilities alone

and your Systems2win Champion always has ultimate final responsibility for the successful completion of all of the above responsibilities — even if others are involved.


Your Systems2win Champion is also usually very much involved with but is NOT ultimately responsible for...

the following responsibilities of the Executive Change Agent.


Executive Change Agent

The role of the Change Agent is described in detail in our Change Agent web page

Your Executive Change Agent has ultimate responsibility for the success of your overall Continuous Improvement program

(of which, your Systems2win tools are an important, but incomplete part)

The success of your Systems2win Chamion will be HIGHLY dependent upon the success of how well...

Ocean Liner

Your Change Agent Manages...

Head of Continuous Improvement

If your Executive Change Agent is not also directly responsible for leading continuous process improvement...

then your Change Agent will need to work very closely with that leader to ensure that every member of your Continuous Improvement Team is fully aware of the tools that your company owns and knows how to use them to greatly enhance your visual management systems.

Head of Training

If your Executive Change Agent is not also directly responsible for leading the systems design and training for your tools and methods for continuous improvement and coaching...

then your Change Agent will need to work VERY closely with those leaders.

The training and systems that come with your Systems2win templates will prove very helpful, but will be insufficient if your Systems2win tools and training are not seamlessly integrated into your larger programs for continuous improvement training, perhaps including (and not limited to):

Career Benefits

of Systems2win Leadership

Serving in any of the above leadership roles can be

Good for your career