Training & Support for your Systems2win templates


Before learning how to use your templates, you might first ask 'Why?'

1) Why Lean Process Improvement?

Video: Why Systems2win?

If new to Lean, then you might want to start by learning about:

a) What are the Lean Principles that underlie every tool and method?

b) The 7 types of deadly wastes that you will be learning to see and eliminate

c) Why is lean flow is so important?

2) Why Systems2win?

Why Systems2win templates, training, and systems

to leverage your efforts for process improvement?

Quick Start

Initial Training

The essentials that you need to know — to use any
of your 150+ Systems2win templates for process improvement

Where to find and open your templates

Systems2win menu > Systems2win templates

Excel ribbon bar > Systems2win tab > Systems2win Templates

For about 30 of your 150+ templates,
you also have the option to Insert Sheet into any other Excel workbook.

Additional ways to find and open your templates

If the Systems2win tab is not there yet... then either:

1) Ask your IT Department to install your licensed software now, or...

2) Download your free trial and install it now, or...
3) Troubleshoot if your menu was there, and somehow disappeared

How to find help and training

Watch this video >>>

Search keywords

Use Site Search (in upper right corner) to search the site,
and CTRL+F to find keywords within a page

Get live support

to ensure success getting started
with your new tools for process improvement







Watch these videos


Video help

Video: How to find and open
your templates,
and how to use your
Tool Selection Matrix


Video: How to Find Help & Training for any Systems2win template


More thorough

New User Training

Help and Training for Each Template

Start with the 'Help' and 'Sample' sheets in each Excel template

Help tab

for sample data, examples, pop-up help,
Excel tips, learning exercises, links to online training, and other useful learning aids

to get you off to a great start
using each new template










Free live training
every month
for licensed users



Welcome to Systems2win

Where our mission is...

to help you continuously improve YOUR systems for continuous improvement

"Even a bad system beats a good person every time."

~ W. Edwards Deming











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Your Systems2win templates come with free New User Training to quickly learn features that are common to all 150+ templates