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How to uninstall

your Systems2win application

Before you start

If you own a licensed version...
(you can skip this step for the trial version)

a) If you also have the Systems2win Legacy Compatibility application installed

Uninstall Systems2win Legacy before uninstalling the Systems2win application

Control Panel > Programs and Features > Systems2win Legacy

b) If you will NOT be re-installing on the same computer

Deactivate before uninstalling

Excel Ribbon bar > Systems2win tab > Setup > Activitate and Deactivate Systems2win

(Deactivating will free up your token to be able to Activate on another computer)


  1. Close all applications
  2. Uninstall

    Control Panel > Programs and Features > Systems2win Application

Uninstall Tips

Tip 1) You usually do NOT need to uninstall before installing an upgrade.

Just install right over top of the existing installation.

Exception: If you are upgrading from v11 or lower to v12 or higher,
a dialog will appear telling you that you need to uninstall first.

Tip 2) Rather than uninstalling — it is often wiser to simply deactivate

leaving the application installed and ready to activate again if needed.

Advanced Uninstall Options

(perhaps using your favorite software packaging & distribution software,
such as Microsoft SCCM or SMS, or Novell ZenWorks, or Altiris...)

To do a mass silent uninstall —

You can optionally use the command-line options /S Silent mode for the uninstall program.
The uninstall proceeds silently with no splash screen, no dialog boxes, and no end user choices.

You must send it the path to the log file as a parameter. It must be the log file that is in the same folder as unwise32.exe. If the path to the log file contains spaces, it must be surrounded by quotation marks.

Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\zSystems2win\Unwise32.exe" /S "C:\Program Files (x86)\zSystems2win\Install.log"

To do a mass silent uninstall of version 12 Build 23 or lower (before May 1, 2015) —

  1. Download this file
  2. Unzip it (extract)
  3. Follow the instructions in the Readme

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