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Open a Blank Sheet

Once you learned how to find and open a Systems2win template, and you have learned how to find Help for any Systems2win template, you are ready to Open a Blank Sheet, where you will do your work.

Version 13 and higher

In the Systems2win menu in the Excel Ribbon bar, select 'Open a Blank Sheet'.

Open a Blank Sheet

Version 12 and lower

In the 'Help' sheet, click the button to 'Open a blank Template sheet'

Button: Open a Blank Template Sheet

Helpful Tips

The 'Sample' sheet is great for initial learning (with sample data), but don't do your work there.

Do your work on a copy of a blank Template sheet.

Sample tab

When you want to copy an existing sheet...

(perhaps copying your 'As Is' as a starting point for your 'Future' state?)

be sure to use the special Systems2win Copy Sheet utility

that protects you from several known Microsoft bugs in the way that Microsoft normally copies sheets

Systems2win menu > Copy Sheet