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Damaged Document

How to recover from a damaged document

What happened?

If you see the 'Welcome' sheet, then one of the following things happened:

  1. The 'Help' sheet was deleted

    It is okay to Hide or rename the 'Help' sheet, but it cannot be deleted.

  2. The 'Template' sheet was deleted or renamed

    The (hidden) 'Template' sheet cannot be renamed or deleted.

How to recover your document

Open a copy of the master template from which your document was created.

You learned how to find and open your templates in the Quick Start Training.

Copy the missing or damaged sheet from the master to your document.

As you learned in the New User Training...
always use the special Systems2win utility to copy worksheets

System2win menu > Copy Sheet

Systems2win menu > Copy Sheet

If you know which sheet was damaged, just copy that one sheet.
If not sure, then copy both the Help and Template sheet.

The 'Template' sheet is normally hidden,

(in order to prevent people from accidentally renaming or deleting it... )

so you will probably need to unhide it in order to make it visible to copy.

Then after you have restored the damaged or missing sheet...

with the 'Welcome' sheet open in the damaged workbook...

in the Systems2win menu, select..

Unlock Sheets

This will unhide the hidden sheets in your workbook,
and will (correctly) hide the 'Template' sheet,
which is intended to remain hidden

(in order to prevent people from accidentally renaming or deleting it...
so that you don't have to do this document recovery again...)

Systems2win menu > Unlock Sheets