Value Stream Mapping Training

Value Stream Map

Cross Functional Flowchart

State Comparisons

Your Swim Lane Cross Functional Flowchart template (FunctionalFlow.xlsx)
and Value Stream Mapping template (VSM.xlsx)

allow you to simply click a button to Import Old State Comparison Data
to compare side-by-side answers to the question:

"How much better is our new proposed state
vs. the way we've been doing things?"


Old State comparison data

Things to notice


Your Systems2win templates are designed to make it truly easy for you to:

  1. Start out by making a simple flowchart drawing

    and then, when you're ready...

  2. Enter data to easily analyze the effects of proposed changes

How to use your

Import Old State Comparison button

value stream analysis - compare old state
  1. Make sure that the other sheet is displaying the Scenario that you want to import, and its data has been recalculated
  2. Click the 'Import Old State Comparison Data' button

    (in the Systems2win menu in the Excel Ribbon bar)

  3. Recalculate

For Value Stream Mapping analysis,

it is so convenient to use Excel's Freeze Panes feature,

that allows you to easily position your new and old state data
right beside each other for easy comparison.


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