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Installation - Trial

to install the Systems2win Excel add-in trial version

Before Installing

Ensure that your computer meets System requirements

(Windows 7,8, or 10)

If you're on your phone, or a non-Windows computer, re-open this page on your Windows computer.

If your IT Dept. won't allow you to install the trial...

Perhaps install the trial on your home computer, and then once you are convinced of the value that these templates will bring to your work, enlist the support of a manager with sufficient political juice to persuade your IT Department to support you.

Because in the end, your performance evaluation is based on YOUR performance.

Reach your goal

Installation Instructions

Step 1) Close Excel

Before clicking your installation file, close Microsoft Excel.

Step 2) Double-click

Double-click your Systems2winTrial exe file,

that you downloaded from the link found in the email that you received after you signed up for your trial.

If a window appears that asks you to enter an Administrator user name and password

Then enter the Administrator user name and password

(perhaps temporarily granted by your IT Department),

and accept all the defaults to finish running the installation file.

Then logged in as the user,

(not using another person's Admin rights)

run Systems2win-Finish-Install.xlsm

from Start menu > All Programs > Systems2win

(as shown in the picture)

Finish Install file

Step 3) Test

To ensure that your installation was successful, and that your computer is set up correctly

Open the Assessment template

In the Excel ribbon bar, select Systems2win tab > Systems2win Templates then open Trial-2Assess.xlsx

If the Systems2win menu isn't there, then see the FAQ for what might be wrong.

Systems2win menu > Systems2win Templates

The Systems2win menu in the Excel ribbon bar

Once you have completed installation and testing, you are now ready to...

Learn How to Use Your New Tools

Complete the QuickStart Initial Training to quickly learn the few foundational things you will need to use ANY of your new templates for process improvement

Video: How to Find
Help & Training

Welcome to Systems2win

where our mission is to empower leaders to continuously improve

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Installation FAQ's

Find answers for just about anything unusual that might happen during installation


Trial FAQ's

How can I get the trial version?

As a free gift when you sign up for our newsletter, you get a dozen free trial templates, and another dozen free templates that you can use for the rest of your career.

I own a license for some Systems2win templates. Can I download & use the latest trials?

Yes. Licensed users (version 15 and higher) can download and install the latest trial and shareware templates at any time,

Owners of version 14 or lower must install on a PC that does not have v15 or higher installed, or upgrade, or contact us to request a new Activation Key.

How to find & open your trial templates installed overtop of your licensed version.

How long is the trial period?

The 30-day initial trial period starts automatically (without the need for activation).

Once the 30-day initial trial period has ended, you can request an activation key to Extend your Trial Period for another 30 days.

I am an instructor. Is it possible to have an extended trial period for my students?

Yes. If your school or consulting firm owns at least one seat for your instructor, then yes.

I just installed a new trial, and the trial period has already expired.

Possibility 1) The system clock is faulty

Possibility 2) Your computer already had a Systems2win trial installed at some time in the past


Option 1) Install your new trial on a different computer

Option 2) Submit a request to extend your trial period

The License Key for my extended trial period requires version 17

Download Trial v17

Then (with Excel closed), install it,
and then activate with your new License Key.

How can we try the language translation features?

The trial templates come with Spanish language translation, which you can play with to get the idea for how translations works for any other language.