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Word templates

How to find & open a Systems2win Word template

Follow the instructions for how to find and open a Systems2win template.

Note: ALL Systems2win templates are opened through Excel...

Even your Word templates are found and opened in Excel.

Systems2win menu > Systems2win Templates

Tip: If you get an error when attempting to open a Word template through the Systems2win menu in Excel, try opening Word first. Then (with Word already open in another window), try again.


View Print Layout

Most Word documents look better on-screen when viewed in Print Layout with Multiple Pages.

View > Print Layout

View > Multiple Pages

A3 Report

How to translate a Word template

See training for how to use Google Translate.


Microsoft Word Forms

Many of your Systems2win Word templates use form fields

to make it obvious where the user should enter data, and to provide dropdown lists and check boxes to make data entry easier and less vulnerable to mistakes.

Tip: All Systems2win Word templates are unprotected unless you (or your team leader) choose to protect it.

Unprotected form fields

IF... a form field is in an unprotected section of the document or the entire document is unprotected

Review tab > Unprotect document

THEN... rather than entering data within the form field — you overwrite it

In other words, the form field serves as a temporary placeholder, containing a brief hint or instruction for what kind of data to enter, and then you completely overwrite the form field, leaving no remnant of it

How to overwrite an unprotected form field

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Pause long enough to ensure that you truly learn this...

Select the form field and start typing.

It's as simple as that... select the field, then type something.

The form field containing the "placeholder" instructional text disappears, and is replaced with your text.

Don't right-click the form field. Don't expect your text to appear within the form field (like it does in a protected section).
Simply select the form field, start typing, and it disappears.

A3 Report - top section

Form fields highlighted in gray.

The form field disappears as soon as you select it, and start typing.

How to identify unprotected form fields

  1. Your Systems2win templates use the convention to enclose the temporary instructional text within 'less than' and 'greater than' symbols.

    Example: <Temporary placeholder instructional text>

  2. You can set up Word to highlight form fields in gray

    File > Options > Advanced tab > Show document content > Field Shading: either Always or When Selected

    Tip: Most Systems2win Word forms have been specially formatted so that form fields are highlighted in gray even if you don't do anything special for Word setup.

  3. You can press ALT+F9 to toggle the display of form fields (and hyperlinks)

    The document must be unprotected before you can use ALT+F9

Form fields in a protected section

IF... a document is protected

Review tab > Protect document

AND... the form field is in a protected section of that protected document...

THEN... only form fields can be edited.

In other words, when you click anywhere in a protected section, the cursor will always go to the next editable field.

Tip: If you have limited vision or disability that makes it difficult to use a mouse...

Unlike most Microsoft Word forms... Systems2win Word forms can be read using your screen reader.


How to update your document filename

When you first name your working document, the very next thing you should do is update the document filename in the page 1 header.

Place your cursor on the filename field

(between date and author just below the header on the first page of the document)

Right-click > Update Field

It will automatically populate the field with your revised filename.

Microsoft Word - Update Field


Table of Contents

Many Systems2win Word templates feature a Table of Contents, to make it much easier for a user to:

  1. See a quick overview of the major headings in a long document
  2. Use CTRL+Click to quickly navigate to any section

    (CTRL+Click works even in a protected document)

For Word documents that aren't protected, you can update the Table of Contents to reflect the most recent changes.

How? Right-click anywhere in the Table of Contents > Update field.

How to protect or unprotect?

Review tab > Protect document

SOP Table of Contents update

How to change the number of headers shown in your Table of Contents:

Some Systems2win templates show only Headers 1 and 2, and others show Headers 1, 2, and 3.

Here's how to change the number of headers shown in your Table of Contents:

Right-click anywhere within the Table of Contents in your Systems2win template, then select Edit Field > Field Names: TOC > Table of Contents button > Show levels

Navigation Pane    View > Navigation Pane

If there is no Table of Contents, you can always use the Navigation Pane, which provides an ad hoc Table of Contents.


Collapsible Outline view

Collapsible Outline

View > Outline


Viewing your document in Outline mode allows you to collapse and expand sections.

This feature can be particularly useful when used to teach how to use your Standard Operating Procedure template.



Option 1) Use the Ribbon bar

Home tab decrease or increase indent

Option 2) Use keyboard shortcut

CTRL+M to increase indent, or CTRL+SHIFT+M to decrease indent

The Ribbon bar and keyboard shortcut are not identical

The Ribbon bar has more quirks and bugs.

You will usually want to use the keyboard shortcuts.



To use Styles to quickly apply consistent formatting...

Home tab > Styles

Keyboard shortcuts:

Heading 1, 2, or 3 = CTRL+ALT+1, 2, or 3


To copy Styles from one Word document to another...

View > Macros > View Macros > Organizer button

SOP styles


To insert a pre-formatted table

Rather than needing to learn all the ins and outs of how to design Word tables...

when using any of your Systems2win Word templates, you can simply use the pre-formatted Systems2win table style.

Select Insert > Table. Then select Table Tools > Design > Table Styles > Table Systems2win

Or you can select any table style that you prefer.


Print Preview

To see what your printed document will look like, use...

View > Print Layout


If you don't have any other printer or PDF writing software installed, you can always use the Microsoft XPS Document Writer to view previews:

File > Print > Printer > select Microsoft XPS Document Writer, then Print

Then go to the folder where you saved your .xps file, and double-click it to view it.

A3 Report

Also see our training for how to use ANY printer to create A3 Reports.


Page Setup

Printer settings

Page Layout tab


Spell Check

Keyboard shortcut F7, or...

Review > Spelling and Grammar

Spell check does not work in password-secured documents.

All Systems2win Word templates are delivered unprotected.



Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K, or...

Insert > Hyperlink


How to insert screen shots

How to Insert Screen Shots

ALT+Print Screen then follow the instructions in the window above.

or... to capture your entire screen, rather than just the active window...
press the Print Screen key without holding down the ALT key.

Also see Excel tips for how to copy & paste selected ranges of cells as a picture.


How to suggest changes to the Author

The document Author is the only one authorized and responsible to edit the document.

See online training for how to communicate with the document Author, and how to use Track Changes.



How to generate a PDF from your Word document.

How to create hyperlinks that can be clicked from your PDF document.

To distribute electronically — save as a PDF file

Important: Any document created using a Systems2win template that is distributed outside of your licensed users must be in a non-editable format, such as a printed paper, or a PDF.

Copyright Terms

Just because an MS Word template is not password protected does not mean that it is not still subject to copyright laws.

Refer to your License Agreement.









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