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Lean Tools, Training, and Systems

New User Training

and Learning Validation

to get the most from your Systems2win templates for continuous process improvement

Three ways to learn

  1. Watch the videos and do the Learning Exercises


  2. Watch the pre-recorded New User Training webinar

    (anytime, anywhere, anyone)

  3. Attend a live instructor-led New User Training webinar

    (free every month for licensed users)

Quick Start Initial Training

When you have completed this New User Training, you should know what you need to know to use any of your 150+ templates for continuous process improvement

Start with the Quick Start Training

As a new user of Systems2win templates for process improvement, your first step is to complete the Quick Start Initial Training, then come back here to complete these Learning Exercises to validate what you learned.


Why do YOU care?

Why do you believe (hope?) that Process Improvement will help your organization and your career?

If you have a big enough why, you'll figure out how

Video: How to Find and Open
your Systems2win Templates,
and How to use your
Tool Selection Matrix

Learning Exercise: Find and Open a Template

Tool Selection Matrix

Find and open your Tool Selection Matrix. (1ToolSelection.xlsx)

And use it...

to find and open the most promising templates

to help you accomplish what you need to do next


Learning Exercise: Insert Sheet

Use the Insert Sheet button to insert a sheet into any other Excel workbook.

Learning Validation: Find a keyword phrase

Use Site Search

(in the upper right corner of every page)

to find pages containing a keyword phrase

Then use CTRL+F to find that same phrase within a page.

Use Site Search and CTRL+F to find help for ANYTHING

Video: How to Find Help & Training
for any Systems2win template

Learning Validation: Bookmark 1 page to come back to

You will want to complete the rest of this New User Training before getting side-tracked into the many useful training pages, but now is a good time to take a glimpse at the Systems2win Site Map , and to bookmark 1 page to come back to soon.

After book marking 1 page, come back here to finish your New User Training!!!


Microsoft Word Training

Let's start with your Word templates, because this training is pretty short

After reviewing the tips for Microsoft Word templates, come back here to validate what you have learned.

Learning Validation: Form fields

Open your A3 Word template. (A3Report.docx)

Select any form field, then start typing.

Notice how the form field initially provides you with training guidance,
and then goes away as soon as you start replacing it with your text.

A3 Report

Learning Validation: Printer setup for your A3 Report

Your Systems2win A3 Report is designed to easily print and tape together 2 sheets of letter-size paper.

If you have a printer or plotter capable of printing on 11x17 or A3 paper, then setup and test your printer to correctly print an A3 Report on a single sheet.

Learning Validation: PDF

Using either Word or Excel, print a PDF.


Microsoft Excel Training

Excel Help — the moment you need it

Whenever you get stuck with ANY Excel feature...

Always remember to go to the 'Excel Tips' section of the 'Help' sheet.

Help tab

To get this habit emblazed in your muscle memory...

Open 2 different Systems2win templates right now, and notice how the 'Excel Tips' section has different tips for every unique template

Complete the Training Webinar

Complete the Excel Learning Exercises in the live or pre-recorded New User Training webinar.

Learn the most important Excel skill you will ever learn

In this video, you will learn the single most important Excel skill you will ever learn — how to use Insert Copied Cells to copy, and 'Insert Cut Cells' to move — rows or columns.

And you will learn how to move ranges of cells less than entire rows or columns — avoiding the dangers of messing up formulas when you do.


11 minute training video — turn on sound

Excel training video
Add, Copy, Move
rows, columns or cells

Complete the Excel Self-Paced Learning Quiz

to learn advanced features of Excel - and unique features of Systems2win templates

Learn Excel

Quickly learn
what you don't know
that you don't know
about Excel

Find and open your 'Learn Excel' template. (2LearnExcel.xlsm)

This and the QFD template are the only Systems2win templates that have macros, so you will need to enable macros.

Bring it back green

The answers turn green when you enter the correct answer...

so 'bring it back green'.

Do It

Start using what you have learned

The best way for adult learning to 'stick' is to actually use what you just learned.

Choose a real-world problem in a real-world process and start using your new tools to make your real world better.

riding a bike

Thank you for choosing Systems2win

where our mission is to help you continuously improve your tools and systems for continuous improvement

two bikers

Training to get you started.
Tools you won't outgrow.

testimonial quote


(Optional) Additional Learning

When you complete the above Learning Exercises, you should know what you need to know to really squeeze the juice out of your 150+ templates for process improvement.

Learning Exercises in your 'To Do List' template

To Do List template

After completing your the training above,

the Learning Exercises on the 'Sample' page of the 'To Do List' template are a fun and time-effective way to apply and reinforce what you have learned,

perhaps before moving on to other templates that interest you most.


(Optional) Language Translations

If you don't care about language translations, then just skip this section

After visiting the training page to learn how to switch between languages, come back here to test what you have learned.

Learning Validation: View this page in another language

View this page in another language, then switch back to English.

Reminder: It is best to completely close Google Translate, rather than just selecting English, so that you are viewing the original web page, rather than Google's English translation of it.

Learning Validation: Video captions in another language

Reminder: Scroll down to the smaller YouTube video to switch languages.

Video: Language Translations

Learning Validation: Switch a template to Spanish

The trial version comes with the Spanish translation.

Your licensed templates will have those translations that your company purchased.


(Optional) Lean Leadership

If you are not a Leader, just skip this section

Be a Leader

Have you reached out to your Systems2win Champion?

to help you successfully fulfill your Systems2win Leadership Roles

Cross Train your team

Begin using your Training Matrix template to plan and monitor the learning progress of your team members

lead goose

Leaders that use their Training Matrix template

are 10 times more successful

than leaders that don't


Encourage others to complete this New User Training

If you don't want to be the only (overworked) person that knows how to use Excel and Systems2win...

then assign your employees
(and encourage your co-workers)

to also complete this New User Training and Learning Validation




150+ Templates
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The others are a really nice
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Training Matrix

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