Training & Support for your Systems2win templates


How to find and open
your Systems2win templates

Version 13 or lower

Instructions for version 14 and higher

If you want just one simple answer...

1) Browse your Systems2win Portal

Assuming that your Systems2win add-in has been successfully installed...

when you open Excel, you will find the Systems2win tab in the Ribbon menu.

Systems2win menu > Systems2win Portal
Systems2win Portal

What is the Systems2win Portal?

Select 'Systems2win Portal'

which will open the Systems2win Portal home page
in your chosen default browser

(Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer)

If you own a license,

follow one of the links to one of the pages
where you can browse to find your desired template

If you are using the trial version,

All of the trial templates are one page,
so you can simply browse to find your desired template

How to open files from
your Systems2win Portal

(don't double-click)

Using Firefox or Chrome:

Right-click a Word or Excel icon >
Save Link As

as illustrated in the picture →  

Using Internet Explorer:

Right-click a Word or Excel icon >
Save Target As

Using Microsoft Edge:

Left-click a Word or Excel icon

Right click > Save Link As

This isn't a Systems2win thing. This is the right way
to open any document from any browser.

It is correct to left-click links to web pages and training videos,
but documents such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or PDF
need to be opened as instructed here

How to make sure your browser is set up correctly to easily download files


Not sure which tool you need?

Use your Tool Selection Matrix

to choose the right tool

and then find and open your chosen template
using any of the methods described on this page

(You will find your Tool Selection Matrix on the portal home page)


Now that you have found and opened your template...

there are a couple more things that you might need to know...

Open a Blank Sheet

How to open a blank sheet

How to open a blank sheet,
where you will do your work.

If it is a macro-enabled workbook

2010 Security Warning

If you see this message bar >>>>
click the button to 'Enable Content'

Learn more about how to enable macros
and how to set up a Trusted Location

Protected View

If you see this message bar...

Protected View warning bar

Learn how to avoid this dialog

2) Synced Templates on your Local Computer

If your IT Department chose a Portal Setup Choice that supports the Systems2win Sync feature...

then you also have another way to...

open your templates

even when away from your company's server


Excel > Systems2win menu > Local Computer

Systems2win menu > Local Computer

You will find your templates in the Systems2win folder tab
circled in red → → →

Tip: In Office 2013,
your new document might open in a new window
behind the currently open window.

Tip: Only some of your Excel templates are synced and found here.
You will find ALL of your templates in your Systems2win Portal.


Systems2win folder tab

3) Windows File Explorer

S2winPortal in Windows Explorer

Where to find your S2winPortal folder

You can also use Windows File Explorer to open any template.

(Not Internet Explorer... Windows File Explorer)

Don't overwrite a master template
with a working document

Don't make the mistake of overwriting one of your master templates with a working document.

You can save your working document anywhere but
in your S2winPortal folder.

Caution: If you accidentally save your working document in the S2winPortal folder with your master templates...

then your working document will be deleted
the next time that you sync your master templates from the central master portal on your server.

4) Your Own Custom User Interfaces

In addition to the (above) standard ways to find your Systems2win templates...

Learn how to easily link to your Systems2win templates from YOUR own user interfaces

Alternative User Interfaces

If you're going to develop and support your own Custom User Interfaces,
then here's what you need to know...

When Excel is launched programmatically from any third-party application...

such as SharePoint, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, PDF, etc....

then Excel is designed to NOT load add-ins

Solution 1: Use any of the standard ways to find and open your Systems2win templates

(All of the methods described on this training page work flawlessly)

Solution 2: Follow our guidelines
for how to open your Systems2win templates from your own custom user interfaces

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Video: How to Find & Open your Systems2win templates
(version 13 and lower)