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Lean Tools, Training, and Systems

Installation & Setup

Your Information Technology person might bookmark this setup home page

For Each Licensed User

Installation for each user <<< This is the most popular page

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Not just templates.
Not just training.

But also systems
that you won't outgrow

Upgrade installation

Optional Legacy Compatibility Installer,
and/or data migration from old working documents to new templates


For Multiple Users

These extra instructions are needed only if you have multiple users...

Installation for each licensed user

See instructions in the section above...

with extra attention to how to install on behalf of another user

Portal Installation

Leadership Organization

Systems2win Leadership Roles

Multi-User Setup Checklist <<< Your leaders complete this checklist for all multi-user installations



How to distribute your personalized templates — with version control

How to Sync your personalized Systems2win master templates

from your Systems2win Portal on your shared server to each of your users' computers

How to distribute your own custom Word and Excel templates

using the same Sync feature that you use to distribute your Systems2win master templates

How to distribute fewer templates

if you don't want your users to have access to every template you own

Portal and Sync Setup Decisions

How to personalize your Systems2win templates

How to use your Customization Tracking System

to make future upgrades easy

tangled octopus and snakes

Our IT Department didn't know
it was possible to have
version control
for Excel templates

Systems2win has systems
for that, too?

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