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Portal Setup

How to install your Systems2win Portal on a server

These instructions are for any Portal Setup Choice that involves installing your Systems2win Portal on a server.

If you are using the Trial version, or if you only own 1 seat, or if your leaders did not purchase the optional feature for Personalization Synchronization, then these instructions are not for you.

Systems2win Portal

Please remind me —
what is the S2winPortal?

The portal will install automatically on each user's computer when you follow the instructions to install on each user's computer.

These installation instructions are usually performed by your IT Manager, working closely with your Systems2win Champion.

See Systems2win Leadership Roles

If you are installing an upgrade...

follow these instructions instead: Portal Setup for an Upgrade

To install your Systems2win Portal for the first time

(not an upgrade)

The following installation instructions are usually performed by your IT Manager, working closely with your Systems2win Champion.

See Systems2win Leadership Roles

1) Save a copy and a backup of your new master installation files

If your IT Dept loses your master exe installation files, there is a $25 re-delivery cost, and if more than 6 months, you would need to upgrade.

2) Double-click to install the S2winPortal exe to any temporary folder location

Then simply move the entire S2winPortal folder

from its temporary location to the permanent location specified in your Systems2winReadMe.doc

Ensure that your S2winPortal folder is Read Only for most users.

(so that users can't accidentally overwrite your master templates)

If you have multiple copies of your portal — repeat.

(It is generally a bad idea to have copies of your portal on multiple servers, but might be justified for a company with widely dispersed licensed sites)

3) Install your Leaders

Quick Start Leader Checklist

Follow the User Installation Instructions to install your S2winInstall exe

for (only) those Continuous Improvement Leaders who will do initial testing

4) Complete the Multi-User Setup Checklist

Your Systems2win Leaders complete this checklist together to ensure that everything gets off to a good start

5) Install each user

When (and only when) you are certain that everything in your Multi-User Setup Checklist has been taken care of...

Then follow the instructions to install the Systems2win Add-in on each User's Computer


Tips to make future upgrades easier

  1. Keep a log of users that have this application installed
  2. If you personalize anything — use your Customization Tracking System

FAQ or IEsetup

FAQ's & Extra Credit Tech Tips

How to make sure your browser is set up correctly

to easily download files where you can find them

After using your browser to download a file, a dialog box should immediately appear to allow you to find the file.

(Rather than requiring you to hunt down the file that you just downloaded)

If that File Download dialog box does not immediately appear after downloading a file, then you need to fix your browser settings.

Training Video:
How to set up your browser
(2 mins)

Check the checkbox for:

Tip: When setting up a new user, it is a good idea to always ensure that this setting is correct in the user's browser.

How do users find and open their templates?

  1. A valid licensed Systems2win Add-must be installed on each user's PC
  2. Optional ways to find and open your Systems2win templates

Can we install our Portal on more than one server?


Can we move or rename our portal?

You can move the S2winPortal folder in its entirety, but never move or rename files or folders within the S2winPortal folder (or links will be broken).

If you do move or rename your portal, then you will need to change the portal path on every user's PC.

How to change the portal path on any user's PC

Follow these instructions

How to personalize your portal and/or templates

How to personalize