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Personalization Synchronization

Purpose of Systems2win Sync

Easily synchronize your personalized master templates :

  • from your master S2winPortal folder (on a shared drive on your own server)
  • to each user's Local Computer

Why? for Version Control

If you have ever worked at a company where...

Jack was using a 3-year-old version of a template,

and Jill was using a 5-year-old one that she customized long ago,

and no one knew where to find a copy of the latest version...

Then you will appreciate Systems2win Sync, so that...

All of your users always have the latest version of YOUR personalized master templates

(even when they are on an airplane or don't have access to your company network or intranet)

How to sync?

When your leader sends you an email to notify you that a master template has been personalized,

then his email should include instructions for you to use:

Excel Ribbon bar > Systems2win tab > Setup > Sync Now

How does it work?

It will synchronize your company's personalized master templates

from your company's master Systems2win Portal folder

your S2winPortal folder is located your company's own secure server (not a Systems2win server over the Internet), in the folder specified by your IT Department, using the portal setup form.

to your own local computer


Sync Now

If you see a dialog that says...

Your current portal setup choice does not require synchronization

then either:

  1. You are using the Trial version
  2. You only own a license for one user

    (so there is no shared central portal)

  3. Your leaders did not purchase a license for this optional feature
  4. Your IT Department chose a portal setup choice that does not support sync

    (such as SharePoint, Citrix, or Intranet)

  5. Your computer has a sync setup choice different from your company's default

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One huge benefit of owning your Systems2win templates is Support when you need it