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Two-Step Search

Step 1) Find pages containing keywords

Notice — in the Search form (below), the first results might be Ads.

The main section finds pages in

Step 2) Find keywords within a page

Use CTRL+F to find keywords within any web page

Search Tips

CTRL+F is CTRL+B in Spanish

The keyboard shortcut for 'Find' is different for some languages.

For example, in Spanish and Portuguese, it is CTRL+B for 'Buscar'.

CTRL+F works almost anywhere

You can use CTRL+F to find keywords within any web page

any web page — on the entire Internet.

CTRL+F also works to find keywords in any Microsoft Office document

that is not translated, and is not protected.

(You can use CTRL+F in your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents)


To find a bookmark within a web page

The entire Systems2win web site has been designed to make it easy to send someone directly to a place within a web page — using human readable bookmarks.

Much nicer than sending them to the top of a long page...
you can send them directly to the right place within the page.

Bookmark Systems2win

Be sure to add to your bookmarks or Favorites
on both your computer and your smart phone

so that you can quickly find the lean training that you need —
whenever and wherever you need it.

To find documents containing keywords...

use Search from the Windows Start menu

to find a document containing a keyword

You can search for keywords within any Microsoft Office document — including locked forms.

Right-click your Windows Start menu > Search

then use Filters,
or click the little document icon to 'Find results in documents'

Windows search

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Not just templates, not just training...
these are examples of lean systems
for continuous improvement






Training and Coaching

Consider Training and Coaching to support your teams to succeed


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Training to get you started.
Tools you won't outgrow.



Schedule a Conference

Schedule a conference
to discuss your challenges
with an experienced lean advisor