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Translation Tables

for languages and user substitutions

Your Systems2win Excel templates have special features
to easily switch between:

  1. Languages

    (such as Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, or German)

  2. Substitute phrases

    (such as different audit criteria for Office 5S vs. Supply Room 5S)

Video: Language Translations

Language Translation


<<<<< Select Language


how to switch between translations

Features for multiple languages

Your Systems2win Excel templates have many useful features
to support multiple languages for your global teams.

Language Icons

Here is a partial list...

Multi-language Features

Translation Tables

With the click of a button, you can switch to your selected language.

Only Excel templates have language translation tables.
To learn how to translate Word or PowerPoint templates, watch the Translations training video.

International versions of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word and Excel have excellent foundational support for almost every popular language.

(Unlike most home-grown templates), your Systems2win templates work with most international versions of Microsoft Windows and Office.

So if you are an employee of a global enterprise, and you're running the Hungarian version of Office on the German version of Windows, while currently switched to the Spanish Language Pack, your Systems2win templates will work. (and your home-grown templates probably won't)

All of your Windows, Word, and Excel help files will be in your chosen language.

Pop-up help for row or column labels

In any Systems2win template, pop-up help appears whenever you click any row or column header label.

This pop-up help is in English. To learn how to translate pop-up help, watch the Translations training video.

And you can also optionally supplement (not replace) Systems2win's help by inserting Cell Comments, that will appear when your users hover their mouse over that row or column header label cell. Your personalized Cell Comments can be in any language.

Dropdown Lists

Many Systems2win templates have dropdown lists for faster, more accurate data entry.

You can personalize your dropdown menus on the DV sheet, and your dropdown lists can be in any language.

User Defined Training

The Help sheet of every Systems2win template has a User-Defined Training section, and your User-Defined Training can be in any language.

User Help Text Boxes

Use Systems2win menu > Copy Shapes to copy the green-bordered User Help Text Box to any sheet, to provide extra help for your users — in any language.

Pictures and Shapes

When trying to communicate with people speaking multiple languages, a picture can be worth a thousand words.

In addition to the many pre-defined shapes that come with the many Systems2win drawing templates, it's easy to add your own custom shapes.

Links to your own training materials

In addition to the extensive English language training & videos that come with your Systems2win templates, Link Icons make it easy to add links to your own training materials, which might be any web page or video on the Internet, and might be your own PDF's, Word documents, PowerPoints, intranet pages, videos, etc., which can be in any language.

There are even special Link Icons for international flags. When a user sees the flag for their language — they know that it will lead to something that they can read and understand.

Online Training

Online training for how to use multi-language templates is found in the Help sheet of each template that supports multiple languages.

Technical Support

All technical support is in English, so you need someone on your IT staff who is fluent in English.

Personalization Upgrade Utility

When you upgrade your templates, the optional Systems2win Personalization Upgrade Utility will automatically find and transfer
the most common personalizations that you can optionally add to your templates.

Other Personalization

You have all the power of Excel to personalize your templates any way you want them, in any language.

Why reinvent?

Why Reinvent?

Why would you to try to reinvent inferior multi-language templates when it's this easy to do it right?

Order Now

You can add Language translations to your templates any time that you purchase or upgrade


What Translations are available?

for your Systems2win Excel templates

Popular Languages Less Popular Languages

A "popular" language is purchased by a sufficient number of customers to spread the costs of maintaining that language translation over time as the Systems2win application continues to evolve.

Any customer can sponsor initial translation of any language.

A language becomes "popular" if and when a sufficient number of customers purchase that translation.

Popular languages that have already been translated, and that are available for immediate delivery, include:

Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, and German

Add To Cart

Contact us to get a quote for the language that you want most.

Popular language translations are updated on a periodic cycle, and can be delivered immediately.

Less popular languages are updated only when either:

  1. a new customer purchases that language, or
  2. an existing customer pays a negotiated Translation Update cost


What is translated

What is human translated

by a professional human translator, and then reviewed by a bilingual expert for industry-specific terminology

Switch languages

Easily switch between

What is machine translated

What is English only

In order to keep translation prices affordable, some things are English only.

  1. Technical support, and instructor-led live training webinars

    Systems2win templates are designed for teams that have an IT Department and at least one Continuous Improvement Leader that speaks fluent English.

  2. Some things associated with installation, activation, and system set up.
  3. PowerPoint templates
  4. Some help and training, including:


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Data Translation

By "data", we mean the content of your working document not the row & column headers, or help instructions, etc.

Usually, the data for any given worksheet is in a single language.


If you need the same data in multiple languages, then it is often easiest to simply duplicate the data in another worksheet or workbook.

You also have the option of linking cells to the User-Defined section of your TT worksheet, so that those data cells switch language (along with headers and help).

The FMEA is the one template that has a special button for translating data (in addition translating headers, buttons, and help).


User Substitute Phrases

In the Systems2win menu, select 'Translations & Substitutions'> Select Translations and Substitute Phrases for THIS Template' to easily switch between:

Systems2win menu > Translations
  1. Any Language Translations
    that you purchased

    such as Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, or German

  2. Your own user-defined
    Substitute Phrases

    such as your own audit criteria for Office 5S vs. Production 5S

    See the training for how to switch between User Substitute Phrases

Screen shot: User Substitutions


How to personalize your templates

for language translations and User Substitute Phrases

Your Leaders can optionally personalize any Systems2win master Excel template using any of the...

Many ways to personalize translations

  1. User Substitutions easily replace standard translations with your own
    (see training below)
  2. The User-Defined Training section
    at the bottom of each Help sheet can be used to provide additional help and training in any language
  3. Cell Comments can supplement the English pop-up help for any row or column header (see animated image)
  4. User Help Text Boxes
  5. Links to your own training materials (in any language)
  6. User Interfaces from your portal
  7. Dropdown Lists (see training below)
Animation: Pop-up Help

All of the above types of personalizations are automatically found and transferred to your new templates each time you upgrade — using the Systems2win Personalization Upgrade Utility.

How to edit User Substitute Phrases

Video Help

Video: How to personalize text

  1. Select the cell that contains the phrase you want to change.
  2. In the Formula Bar, copy the ID number from the VLOOKUP formula,

    then use the Esc key, so that you are no longer editing the formula.

  3. In the TT sheet, (which you might need to unhide first)...

    use CTRL+F to find your copied ID number.

  4. In the row for that ID number...

    Enter your desired substitute phrase —
    in one or more User Substitution columns.

    Note: If the User Substitution column is blank for any row, then the original phrase will be used.

  5. When you're done, rehide the TT sheet

    and finish cleaning up your workbook,
    following the usual instructions for how to personalize any Systems2win workbook.

  6. Test: Use the Select Translation button to select (or refresh) your User Substitutions

    which will replace the default text with your own.

  7. Optional: Perhaps save the document with your User Substitution pre-selected

    so that your users don't need to do anything. Your substitute phrases become the default.

    (And if you use the Systems2win Personalization Upgrade Utility, your default user substitutions will remain the default — even when you receive your new upgraded templates every time you upgrade)

How to add more User Substitution columns

  1. Copy the first User Substitution column.

    Tip: You should not edit that first User Substitution column.
    Leave it blank of everything except the Example data — so that it is always in a clean state ready to be copied.

  2. Use Insert Copied Cells to paste your new column anywhere between the first User Substitution column and the thin gold line after the last User Substitution column.

    Tip: To use Insert Copied Cells, you might need to unhide the top rows.


Dropdown Lists

There are three different approaches for dropdown lists in multiple languages:

OPTION 1) Simply add items to the list in different languages

For example...

your Gantt Chart might have the English status codes
"done, soon, now" and also the Spanish equivalent codes
"hecho, pronto, ahora".

Drop-down List

This approach is the easiest to understand and maintain

and allows the user to choose any item from the list (in any language)
no matter which language is currently selected for headers and help.

Tip: If a list item starts with a symbol, (such as ▲∆▼■□♥)

then you should copy that symbol as the first character for your translated line item

so that conditional formatting will work the same as the English list item.

OPTION 2) Leave codes alone, and simply add multi-language descriptions

For example a Training Matrix dropdown list might contain rating scale codes of 1 – 5.

The codes wouldn't change, but your description of each code might be in 2 languages.

Another example:

The OEE Lost Time Category codes cannot be changed; they need to remain in English for programming reasons.

But you could edit the descriptions on the DV sheet so that someone who speaks a different language can know what each code means.

OPTION 3) Link to translated list items

You dropdown lists can contain list items that are linked to translations on the Translation Tables sheet. (the TT sheet), using either User Substitutions and/or translations that you create and maintain in the User-Defined section of the TT sheet. Follow the instructions for how to personalize text.

This approach is best when you don't want to confuse users with list items that are not in their chosen language.

This approach might be a popular choice for a potentially long list like Work Elements for Standard Work Instructions.

Gantt Chart

Training Matrix


Standard Work


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