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Video Help

FAQ's for Lean Training Videos

I'm not all that familiar with Internet videos

To play the video — just click it.

Then hover your mouse over it — and the video controls will pop up

(for things like volume, pause, full screen, closed captions, high definition...)

How to make it bigger?

To make it full screen, just click the Full Screen video control

(the small square box in the lower right corner — that pops up when you hover over the video that is playing)

To turn full screen off — press the Esc key.

How to use closed captions

Once you start watching a video, click the CC icon (bottom right).

Video Translations

See our online training for how to translate video closed captions.

The video resolution is grainy

We suggest that you view our YouTube videos in High Definition — for the best resolution.

When viewing a YouTube video in Full Screen mode, it will usually automatically adjust to High Definition after a few moments.

If your Internet connection is slow, then it might stay in low definition (grainy) mode.

You can select the Change Quality icon near the bottom right of the screen, and then select the highest quality available.

Can I watch Systems2win videos on YouTube?

Yes, you can subscribe to the Systems2win Channel in YouTube

(to be notified when we publish new videos)

but you will get a lot more value by viewing our lean training videos from our web site which is far better organized than the YouTube site, and each video has its own web page, that provides:

  • a timed, written summary of the video topics
  • notes about what might have changed since the video was created
  • additional explanations, and links where you can learn more

Any more tips?

Yes. Have your Systems2win template open as you watch each video, so that you can pause the video to immediately do what you just learned.

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