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Yamazumi Workload Balancing

Whats New?

Yamazumi Chart
Excel template

After test driving 4 competing Yamazumi Chart templates, we realized that not one of them was functionally fit for its intended purpose.

So we created one.

Yamazumi template

The purposes of a
Yamazumi Board

Any stacked bar chart will satisfy the first purpose...

1) to visually depict the sub-tasks of a process

* how tasks are divided between workers

* which tasks are value add, obvious waste, or somewhere in between

but we couldn't find any tool that could gracefully handle the second (more important) purpose...

2) to easily rearrange tasks

* to eliminate waste

* to improve process flow

* to balance workloads between workers or teams


So we decided to create a yamazumi template that actually works.

It allows you to (very) easily:

* insert rows for unlimited workers or teams

* insert rows for unlimited work elements

* identify value add vs. non value add
   (using a dropdown list)

* easily rearrange tasks

* click a button to refresh the chart


Learn more.

Or better yet...

Download a free trial, and try it for yourself.


Download Free Trial


And then ask yourself...

"Why are we paying our senior lean leaders to try to re-invent tools that aren't as nice as this?"



New Video:

How to Find Help & Training for ANY Systems2win template


Video: How to Find Help & Training
for ANY Systems2win template

(When you learn one,
you know how to use all 150+ templates)


When you check out this new video,
also check out the...

New Video Page Format

that makes each video so much more useful...

* Video Contents

(so you can skip right to what you want to learn or remember)

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This enhanced learning format will be used for all new training videos, and old ones will be converted over time.

This improved video learning format is one more way that we continue to fulfill our mission...

to continuously improve YOUR tools for continuous improvement



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