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Whats New?

FMEA Major Upgrade

In early August, the FMEA template was upgraded for several new capabilities.

(The Failure Mode Effects and Analysis template is a cornerstone for risk analysis)

FMEA template

Related forms in 1 workbook

When you click the menu item to 'Open a Blank Sheet', it now asks you to choose which type of sheet you want:

  1. FMEA (which can be DFMEA or PFMEA)
  2. Process Flow Diagram
  3. Control Plan

so that you can now have all of these related documents as worksheets within a single Excel workbook.

Process Flow Diagram   Control Plan

Linked Data

One big advantage of having related forms in 1 workbook is that it makes it easier to share a single source for linked data.

In other words...

Let's say that you release a revision to a Control Method that is used in 135 rows in your FMEA and 96 rows in the Prototype Control Plan and 85 rows in the Production Control Plan.

Change that Control Method in one place (on your DV sheet), and it is instantly updated in all 316 places.



Learn More

Learn More



And yes, the FMEA template (with Control Plan and Process Flow Diagram) is one of the free trial templates — so you can test drive it for yourself


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August 2015 issue