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Lean Tools and Methods:
Who needs to be competent with what?

Whats New?

New ways to filter your Tool Selection Matrix

Your Tool Selection Matrix is your

tool for selecting the right tool

Tool Selection Matrix

Each time that you turn another corner on your Lean Journey, you are faced with the unavoidable question:

"Which lean tools and methods
should I consider
for what needs to be done next?


That's the moment that you will truly appreciate your Tool Selection Matrix.

It already had columns to Filter by criteria like:

* What type of lean challenge am I facing?

* Where are we in the PDCA cycle?

* Lean tools vs. lean management tools


And recently, we added a few more columns to filter by:

* Who is most likely to use each tool?

* Which tools are most likely to be personalized?

* When is each tool most likely to be used on a typical Lean Journey?



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